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Mallorca travel diary 2018

Mallorca - one of my favourite places when I plan my summer vacation. Also an island with many different faces.

Mallorca is just so much more than most people expect it to be. The most people only think about the party at "Ballermann" and the many drunk people there and totally forget how much this island offers and that the nature there is so amazing.

Last year I was at Mallorca due to a cooperation and have already been there before once, but also in my childhood, and I really, really love to be there, so this year I decided to travel there for a short summer vacation with my family.

Where we stayed 
We thought a long time about where we should stay at the island, because there are just so many beautiful beaches and towns, but in the end we decided to stay at the same town as last year, which is also the town where I spent my first holidays in my childhood- Port de Alcudia.

Alcudia is located in the north-east of Mallorca and is the perfect place for a beach vacation for me…

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