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Where to eat in Copenhagen

Everybody who has already been in Scandinavia knows that food is very expensive there....
When you decide to have dinner in a normal restaurant you usually pay around € 25,00 for a normal Pizza Margherita.....

So when I compare the prices to the restaurant prices in Austria it is very expensive. For sure, there are also more expensive restaurants in Vienna for example, but in a standard restaurant you would pay way less than you pay in Copenhagen for a similar meal.

The higher food prices are one thing that everyone should be aware off, when she or he books a stay in a nordic country, because most people have a specific holiday budget and food is mostly one of the biggest parts in this budget.

Some people might be okay with paying that higher prices when they are on vacation, but I always try to find a good mix, which means for me that I try to find restaurants with a good price-value, which are not too expensive, but have amazing food.

Before I travelled to Copenhagen I already searc…

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