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Must-see places in Copenhagen

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Some weeks ago I travelled to Copenhagen, to visit this beautiful nordic city. If you want to know where I´ve stayed - check out my blogpost which is called Moxy Copenhagen Sydhavnen, where I tell you everything about my stay at the hotel.

The only nordic city that I´ve travelled to before was Stockholm and I literally LOVE Stockholm. It´s my favourite city right after London. But with having been to Scandinavia before I already knew some facts about the northern countries, like the high quality standard in the big cities, the very expensive prices (also in the supermarkets), and more.

My trip to Copenhagen was very spontaneous, so I didn´t have that much time to plan my stay there. Luckily someone that I know borrowed me a travel guidebook of Copenhagen, so I basically read that guidebook and looked up for the necessary information in the internet.

One option when you visit Copenhagen is the Copenhagen Card which offers you get fr…

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