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March playlist 2020

(Youtube links provided; no advertisement or collaboration with Youtube!!!!)
It´s a very strange and frightening time right now (at least for me it feels like that, what about you?), so I think not everyone is in the best mood right now and all of us are hoping that the situation in the world with the corona virus will be better again soon.

Sometimes the best way to cheer me up or to divert my thoughts to something positive is to listen to good music, so I thought I could share my current favourite songs with you. Maybe you don´t know all of the songs yet and can find some distraction from all the negativity right now. Not all of the songs are new and it´s a mix of different music types (as I like different kinds of music), but maybe you´ll like some of the songs.

So this is my March playlist 2020: - Jonas Brothers- What a man gotta do 

- The Weeknd- Blinding light

- Pietro Lombardi- Kämpferherz

- Pietro Lombardi- Drake & Rihanna

- Lena- Skinny Bitch

- Lewis Capaldi- Before you go

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