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How to get into christmas mood (during a pandemic)

 Lately I am thinking a lot about how christmas will be this year.... I haven ´ t posted for a longer time because of everything that is happening. 2020 is different to everything that we all have experienced before, because nobody was prepared for the situation that hit us in February/March in the whole world. I could have never imaged the world to be like it is today, with most european states in a lockdown again, not being able to hug my friends or to even meet them, to think about every thing I do and being worried even when I go to the supermarket. What a strange world, isn ' t it? Many people haven ' t seen their families for a long time, so many suffering from being alone most of the time. A lot of people are sick without feeling better for a long time or even have to be afraid of losing their lifes. Some people have even lost someone they love because of Covid. All of these things make it hard to get into christmas mood, because (for me) everything feels so surreal this

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