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Book review: "The Rosie Project" by Graeme Simsion

Reading is part of my daily evening routine, to slow down. But also when I travel I prefer to take books with me. Books are just a great way to escpape the reality for some time, to live in a different world and to widen your horizon.

Most of the time I read the german versions of the books, but sometimes I do really enjoy to read the original/english version, because it helps me to improve my english skills, maybe learning new words, to keep in touch with the english language and more. I am always searching for great books in genres that I like. Romances and funny books are my favourites, because when I read I want to read about a good story with a happy end. Sometimes I also like to read biographies. Life is so stressful sometimes that I don´t want to read thrillers or something similar because then I can´t relax that much while reading.

This time I chose the book "The Rosie Project" and took it with me for my summer vacation. I enjoyed it a lot that I was able to read at …

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