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Skincare secrets and tipps for your vacation

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Beauty and skin care isn´t always easy to handle when you´re on vacation - it definitly wasn´t for me.

Whenever I am on a weekendtrip, a citytrip or just a short vacation, I try to travel with as little baggage as possible. This has already made me face some challenges when I was packing my suitcase, especially when it comes to skincare. During the last years it more and more evolved in the flight industry, that only hand luggage, which means a handbag or backpack and a small suitcase are allowed in the cabin, without having to pay an extra fee. Lately I have also seen that these regulations have changed again and that you have to pay extra for taking a small suitcase with you in the cabin at some airlines. Fact is, that it´s way cheaper to pay extra for a small suitcase than taking a normal suitcase with you that you have to check-in and can´t take on board with you. For me it´s also way better to travel only with handluggage,…

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