My new blog

Hey people!

In the last time i was thinking a lot about opening my own blog but i was never sure if i should do it. But after my visit to Slovenia i thought that it would be a good chance to share the pictures that i take.
Traveling is one of my big passions, it opens my mind and shows me the beauty of the world, which is sometimes so close but we don´t appreciate it. Finding new places and discovering new areas is so exciting because you never know what you can expect and what you will find there.
My first citytrip has been the reason why i like traveling so much. I was in London in 2009 and liked the city from the first second. All of you who have already been to London will know about the magic of this city and the amazing feeling when you are standing at the river Thames looking at Tower Bridge. After that i knew that i want to see more, that i want to see more of the world, more of europe, more of the place that i am living at. Nowadays i have already visited some new cities and countries and would like to share my travel experiences with you.
Time by time i will post some new blog entries, i will try to do this regularly.
But i would also like to write about nature, beauty, things that i like, daily life and much more. If you have any questions or if you want to know anything please just ask. Hope you like the idea of my own blog and visit it often.

I wish you a great dayNina


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