My 20. Birthday

Hey guys!

Some days ago it was my birthday. Now I am already 20 years old. Oh my god, time flies !

Some years ago I always thought that people who are 20 years old are so grown-up, but know as I know so many people that age I know that it is not always like that. Many people my age doesn´t have a plan for their future, so I am happy that I know how I want my life to be.

Every year I am thinking about how many things in my life changed since my last birthday and every time I know that it is a lot. Many good and bad things happened, but most of the things that happened had been good and I know that I am very lucky person because I have such a good life.

I got so many great presents from my family and friends. I was speechless. After some years people know you better than you think. I am always so amazed when someone really cares ands thinks about what he or she should buy for my birthday. They show you that they really know you well and that they listen when you talk about something.

My birthday was such a nice day this year. We had some delicious lunch at L´Osteria and after that i got an Cheesecake-Brownie-Birthday Cake. I enjoyed the evening at the lake with amazing weather, so it could not have been a greater day. I want to say thank you to all the people who congratulated me !

Hope you all enjoy your next birthday as much as I did this year (:

Yours, Nina


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