New phone case from KwMobile


Today I want to show you my new phone case from KwMobile, which you can buy on I was allowed to choose one of their cases for my Huawei p8 lite and I am so happy with my desicion. They have a lot of different editions for nearly every mobile phone. After having a look at the huge number of covers that they offer for my phone I took this one:

It fits perfectly on my phone and I really like it. The design looks great and doesn´t take away the charm of my phone, because you can still see the label and the colour of the phone when you put the cover on. After all i can really recommend phone covers from this brand and will for sure buy some more covers to have the possibility to vary the look of my phone. 

Hope you liked my little review of my phone case!

* END OF ADVERTISMENT: I got this products for free due to a cooperation with KwMobile. 
   This post only reflects my honest personal opinion.


  1. Super schöne Hülle, gefällt mir total gut :)

    Würde mich freuen, wenn wir uns gegenseitig folgen und uns so unterstützen <3

    Liebe Grüße


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