Review: Technic Cosmetics

Hey everyone!

Today I want to tell you about my cooperation with Technic Cosmetics. They sent my some of their products and I have already tested them for some days and that is my resumee:

These are all the products that I got. I like the eyeshadow palette ("mega sultry 2") the most beause of its great pigmented colours. The colours are perfect for many make up variations and these are also great for autumn. Some of the colours are glittery and some are matte, I think that is great because so you have so many possibilities with just one palette. 

One of the products is this pink lipstick ("colourmax- matte pink"). It has a very intensive colour on the lips, so for me it is nothing for an everyday make up, but for some special events I could really imagine to wear that colour. It makes really smooth lips when you wear it.

This is a cream blush & bronze palette ("colourfix"). I have already tried some of these colours and really like them. It is easy to apply with a brush, but you have to take care that is looks natural. Although I like it I prefer powder blushes most of the time. But for sure I will use this palette often.

The brow pencil is really dark, nearly black. But my eye brows are a little bit too light for that dark pencil, that is why I cannot really use it.

I have used the setting spray already for some day and night make up and it really helps keeping my make up fresh and that it stays longer. You just spray it on your face after you have finished your make up and wait a little until it is dry. It fixes the make up really good.

You can buy these products for example at, they have a low price for great quality products, so I can really recommend these products to you guys.

What are your favourite products from technic cosmetics? (:

Yours, Nina

* ADVERTISMENT: I got this products for free due to a cooperation with Technic Cosmetics, thank you very much. 
   This post only reflects my honest personal opinion.


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