Travel diary: Ireland Part I

Some time ago I posted a travel diary about Dublin and promissed to tell you more about the rest of my trip, so here is the promissed blogpost - Part 1. After my stay in Dublin I also made a round trip through a big part of Ireland, which was super interesting, also exhausting, but filled with many great moments.
  • After being in Dublin we booked a car at Avis car rental to get around the island. Our first destination was the Rock of Cashel in Cashel. Cashel is a town about 2 hours away from Dublin and there is the Rock of Cashel, which is a monument of irish history. There is such an energy at this historic place and you can enjoy a great view on incredibly green fields which are located exactly around Rock of Cashel.

  • Later we drove to Cobh. This city was the last stop of the Titanic and so it offers the Titianic Experience Museum. It is a great museum, where you get shown how the cabins at the boat looked like and much more. Cobh is always worth a visit because of its great location at the sea. You can smell the salty sea air, sit in one of the wonderful coffee shops or restaurants, visit the museum and much more. It was definitly one of my favourite places, even though the weather was pretty bad on that day. I have seen some nice hotels, but we stayed in my favourite town that day. 

  • My absolute favourite irish town is Blarney. It is a small cute town close to Cork. The most popular thing in Blarney is Blarney Castle and Gardens, so for everyone who thinks about visiting Ireland --- you have to go there ! There is a beautiful big garden area around the ruin of Blarney Castle. You can go up inside the Castle to see the Blarney stone. It is a part of the castle where  can lay down to kiss the Blarneyy stone to get the gift of eloquence, so that you will always find the right words. But there is also Blarney house inside the area, it is a huge manor that you can also visit. I can really recommend that. The town offers many nice accommodations so you will find the perfect hotel or B&B for your needs.

  • Another great sight that I have loved to see is Bunratty Castle & Folk Park. You can visit the castle inside and visit the different rooms to see how the people lived there. But after that there is one of the best folk parks I have ever seen. It is a giant area, where you can walk around and see many historic houses. You can go inside of all the buildings and see fully furnished historic rooms. There is also an old church and old shops to visit. Bunratty is very close to Limerick, so you can easily find some hotels, restaurants, shops and so on.

This have been some of my absolute highlights of the Ireland trip. Stay tuned for Part 2- will tell you all about the rest of my amazing trip.

Yours, Nina

Have you ever been to Ireland? What did you like there? Or do you want to visit it one day?


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