My favourite winter essentials

As it is already very cold outside I wanted to show you some of my favourite winter essentials that I could not live without:
  • Hand balm: This is absolutely something that I need in winter. My hands are always very dry because of the cold winter air.I have already tried different hand creams, but one of my favourites is this one:
  • Candles: I don´t like in winter that it is getting dark outside so early. But to forget that it is dark, cold and sometimes very windy outside I love to have some candles. It makes me feel warm and comfy and is something that I really really like in winter.

  • Scarfs: Without a warm, cosy scarf I don´t even go out on cold days. I hate it when it gets cold at my neck, especially when it is windy, when it is raining or snowing. So a scarf is a must-have for me in winter.
This one is from Vero Moda
  • Lip balm: I always carry a lip balm with me, not only in winter, also in summer. But in winter I really need it because of the cold air, to prevent my lips from getting dry. One of my favourites is this one: 

But the most important thing for me is to keep my hands and feet warm:
  • I love to wear warm shoes, not matter if I am at home or if I go out. And another thing that I always need are warm blankets. There is not a better thing than spending a day at home with my favourite tv- series, and watching them covered under a cosy blanket that keeps me warm.

  • Another thing that I would not want to do without are hand warmers. They are such a great thing, they are very small so that they fit into nearly every bag and you can always take them with you. And when you are feeling really cold you just have to start it with pressing the little button inside and suddenly it gets very very warm and heats you up.
What are your ways to make winter warm and cosy? How do you prevent yourself from getting cold?

Yours, Nina


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