Exchange Package with yogagirl_vienna

Hey everyone!

Some weeks ago I started to have contact with Vici from Yogagirl Vienna on Instagram. She is such a nice person and I do really like her Instagram feed and also her videos on Youtube.

And after having contact for some time we decided that we wanted to do kind of a cooperation together. One day she had the great idea to make packages for each other, so we decided to do exchange packages. I got the package that she filled with some things for me, and she got my package that I have filled for her.

We packed 5 winter must- haves into the packages and gave it each other when we met this week.

The package that I´ve got from Vici (:
The box is super pretty, isn´t it ?! And she also put little sticky notes on each of the items inside with little messages, sooo cute ❤
I am really happy with the things that I have got and want to show you them now:

The first thing in the box are super fluffy white cuddly socks. I am a big fan of cuddly socks and would not want to live without them in winter.

The next one is a bodylotion from Lavera. It smells sooooo good and is perfect for me because especially in winter I try to use bodylotion every day to prevent my skin from getting dry, so I can always need new, good body lotions.

I also got this great smelling tea from Kissa. Unfortunately I don´t like to drink tea, but that doesn´t matter because my sister really loves tea and is already very excited about testing it. 

I also got this great book, it is "Plötzlich Shakespear" from David Safier. Maybe some of you know it. I read it already once but that was some years ago and so it is great that I have it at home now and can read it once again, because I really liked it.

In winter I do really enjoy to take a warm bath in my bathtub. So I am really happy that I´ve got this winter bath supplement. On the packaging you can already test the smell of it and it smells so beautifully winter like :D

These are the products that I have got. I do really like them! Thank you Vici for this great package !

Yours, Nina

What are your winter must-haves? Let me know in the comments ☺


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