My goals for 2017

Only a few days are left from the year 2016, but hasn´t it just begun some days ago? It feels like that for me.

It was a very interesting year with some good and some bad days but most of all it was a great year with wonderful experiences. I met some new people, learned many new things, decorated my room in a new style and much more.

But there are also some things that I would like to change next year:


This year I tried to do more sports and partly it really worked, but most of the time I did not have enough time or motivation for doing sports because it also was an exhausting year where I really needed some breaks inbetween to manage all of my stuff.


As I do really love traveling I always try to travel a lot, but especially this year I realised how important traveling is for me and how happy it makes me every time. Even when I know that I will travel somewhere in the next few months I am excited a long time before because I really love it.

Social Media:

I will try to focus more on my blog and my Instagram activites because it really is fun for me to do these social- media things. This year I learned a lot about how it works and I experienced my love for great photos so I will try to use more time for these things.


I will try to relax more often, especially in very stressful time. Sometimes I forget to take enough care of myself because I am not taking enough time for things lake relaxing, cosy evenings with watching my favourite series, and more.

What are your goals for 2017? Or are you totally happy the way it is? Let me know in the comments (:

Yours, Nina 


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