My life as a travel lover

Traveling means a lot to me. It means freedom, adventure, experiences, some free time, relaxation, and much more.
For sure --- it always depends on the kind of holiday that I make, but first of all it is some time away from my normal life where I can learn new things, meet new people, see fantastic places.

I am studying at university, so it always depends on money and time if I can travel often or not.

As a big travel lover I love planning my trips. When I have a idea of where I want to go I start to search for hotels, flights, sights, restaurant tipps and so on.

Normally I am not always a patient person, but when it comes to planning my trips I am spending a lot of time in the internet to create my perfect holiday trip. I am starting to search on websites like:,,, to find what I am looking for.

Normally I want flights to my destination in the morning, but also late flights back, which is sometimes a hard thing to find for an appropriate price.

But after I found what I was looking for, I am writing down in my travel planner all of the important informations, so that I can find the offer later again. In hotels it is most important for me to have a clean room. It doesn´t always have to be very luxurious, but I want to have a good bed to sleep in. Because when you are traveling you want to see a lot, and you can only do that when you are not tired.

I also want to be informed about all important sights at the destination so that I can make a good plan for my time there. As you realize --- I am an absolutely planning person!

When I have booked my trip I always cannot wait to start my holidays.
I am always so excited about it because I really love traveling.

How do you plan your trips? Or are you a spontantous person? What is your next travel destination?

Yours, Nina


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