What christmas means to me

Christmas time is the most wonderful time of the year!

But for me christmas is not only a time, I think it is a feeling. I always use this time of the year to think about how my life changed since last christmas and every year I am thankful for everything in my life.

Even if I had some really tough and hard times inbetween, I still know that I am a really happy person. Because I am healthy, my family and friends are also healthy.

That is more than many people in this world have, so I always try to donate for some good charity projects to give a little bit of my luck to people who don´t have such a good life.

At christmas time I love the smell of christmas cookies that you can nearly find everywhere you go. I love to visit christmas markets with my dear ones, to drink some punch and to enjoy time together. I love all these lights that you can find everywhere in the streets. I love it that everyone is a little bit nicer than usually because everyone starts to be more thankful. I love christmas decoration and listening to christmas songs over and over again (I know that some people really hate christmas songs, but I already listen to them in November (: ).

Christmas always makes me really happy and sparks my inner fire. I am automatically more happy even when it is cold and grey outside.

My biggest christmas wish this year is spending a beautiful christmas evening with my family and that everyone I love is happy and healthy, because that is more important than everything else to me! I really don´t need presents ( but yes I am happy when I get some), I could really live without them, as long as I have my beautiful family at my side, especially at christmas eve.

As you can see-- I am a real christmas fan! And I do really love christmas.

Yours, Nina

Do you like christmas? What are your christmas wishes this year? What do you love most about christmas?


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