Review: Beauty Made Easy

Hey everyone!


Some days ago a package with some products from the brand Beauty made easy arrived and I have already tested the products for  while now and want to give you a little impression about it:

The first product is a lip balm with cacao butter and jojoba oil called sugar shock. It smells a little bit sweet and reminds me of Fizzers, if you know these sweets. When you apply it on your lips it feels super soft and it really helped my dry lips, so I can recommend this product (:

Lip Balm- Sugar Shock

And the other thing that I got are these oil blotting sheets, one in colour lavender and one in pink. But how to use them: "Gently pull out a sheet from the package. Blot sheet in T-zone area, flip the sheet and blot any other facial areas needing oil absorption. Use whenever skin needs to be mattified and refreshed."

I used it exactly like the describtion tells us to do and I saw that when my skin was a little bit oily it definitly mattified it a little bit. I have to say that my skin is more dry than oily, but I can imagine that it can absolutely help people with oily skin. Altough I like to use them when I want to mattify my make-up again after some hours and I am really happy with this product.

Oil blotting sheets Lavender

Have you already heard about Beauty made easy products? Or do you already have some?

Yours, Nina

(You can buy the products for example at their website:

* END OF ADVERTISMENT: The products were given to me for free


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