How I spend my me-time

It is not always easy for me to find enough time for myself, because of unverisity stress and all the things I have to do additionally. But as I have already mentioned in my post: My goals for 2017, I want to take more time for myself and will try to relax more often. Until now it worked how I wanted it to, so I thought I would let you know what I do when I want to relax:

Spa day at home:

A perfect spa day at home includes for me some skin care. Especially a face mask is absolutely important for me, because I have dry skin and it really helps to moisturise my skin again. But before I use a mask I use some cleansing foam and a face peeling to remove the dry skin. Afterwards I like to use different face-masks, lately I found some really good brands for that.

Origin face- masks and mask primer

Another thing I like to do is having a bath, nothing relaxes me more than this. Lying in the bathtub while listening to music and watching the fire of some candles while smelling the great scent of the bathfoam. I love the bath bombs from Lush Austria, also the cream bath from Nivea, and most products from Balea (dm) and many more.

Balea- Lotus Traum (Bath Supplement) 


Reading a magazine or a good book always makes me calm down when I am really stressed or when I cannot rest because I have to think about all the things that I have to do. Some time ago I started to read more often again and I don´t know why I didn´t read so regularly before, because I do absolutely like it.
David Safier- Plötzlich Shakespear

Listening to music:

I love the effect of music to a person. Music can make you feel so much more relaxed, especially when you take time to listen to the meaning of a song . I enjoy to listen to thoughtful songs, that sometimes also make me sad, but they help me to find a way to cope with my problems. But on the other hand I also love good- mood songs that make me happy.

Visiting a thermal bath/ spring:

Swimming in the warm water of a thermal spring makes me feel so comfortable and relaxed. The best time for being in a thermal spring is for me the evening, when not many people are there and you can really be there nearly alone, without being interrupted in your silence and your thoughts by another person.


How are you spending your me- time? 

Would love to hear your advices in the comments (:

Yours, Nina


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