What´s in my bag

I think nearly every woman takes a bag with her .

There are some things that I always take with me but it depends on which bag I take and how much space it offers. When I choose a large bag I take for sure more things with me that I would need, but in a small bag I only take the most important things with me:

  • My Phone: One thing that I could absolutely not live without is my phone. It makes me feel safe in the way that I can always call someone or write a message. Going out without my phone is a really uncommon situation for me. I also take my phone with me because I want to stay up-to-date with my social-media activities.

  • Lip balm: As I have already mentioned in one of my last blogposts (my favourite winter essentials), I always carry a lip balm with me. Not only in winter, also spring, summer and autumn. Mostly I also take a lipstick with me in addition.

  • Desinfectiongel: I am often on my way with public transport, and especially in the tube or tram, when I am going to university. So desinfectionsgel is really important to me, because it is horrible for me to think about all the bacteria that are on the handles at public places and so on.

  • Parfume/Deodorant: I always have one of these things in my bag, because you never know if you are going anywhere spontanuous and want to refresh you parfume scent.

  • Brush: I always hate it when I go out when it is really windy and because of that my hair looks totally knotted and messy. So a brush always finds a place in my bag.

What do you always take with you in your bag?

Yours, Nina


  1. Love this post. �� Your bag looks so organised, mine is a constant mess, but you can always find a hairband and a lip balm in it. Oh and headphones and a charger for my phone because it keeps dying on me no matter what I do.���� x

    1. Thank you so much for your nice commentary 😃 it is also not always easy for me to have a organised bag, but I try to keep it structured.

      Kind regards, Nina


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