What´s this thing with changes?

What do I think about changes? The last days I thought about it a lot...

A change can be something good but also something bad and I have already experienced both situations, so I am not always sure what to think about it.

But what is this thing with changes that it makes us feel insecure even though we know that it will be a good one? I really don´t know it, but I think that it is absolutely normal to be frightened about unknown and unfamiliar situations but it is also more important to do it even when it feels like that....

Changes always make me feel a little bit insecure because everything is so uncertain and my daily life routine changes extremely in a few moments. Even if I know that this change will be good and that hopefully everything will work out in a great way I have this nervous feeling in my stomach. A feeling that I can´t really explain, because it is not good and not bad, but it is there. A feeling that tells me that something changes and that I am not sure yet what to think about it.

I already had some really bad changes in my life, maybe that is the reason that changes sometimes really frighten me. But I won´t let it limit my possibilities, I won´t let this fear grow too big, because you don´t know at the beginning if it will be good or bad. You can only do your best so that it will be a good change at the end.

I can´t wait for this particular change to happen because I am happy and excited about it and hope that it will bring something good into my university situation again, and being happy is really important to me.

So I am sure that this change will be a good one for me.

How do you cope with changes? How do you feel about it ?

Yours, Nina


  1. Changes are the elixir of life when you ask me ;)

    XX from Germany
    Want Get Repeat

    1. Da hast du recht (: Ich finde Veränderungen auch wichtig, auch wenn es manchmal schwer fällt !

      Liebe Grüße, Nina


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