Natural skin care by Cattier Paris


About two weeks ago I got a huge package from Cattier Paris. Cattier is a brand for natural and bio cosmetique products, and it stands for

  • natural ingredients
  • no animal experiments
  • without animal components
  • without artificial coloring and perfums
  • and much more...
The package included many great products, which are already an important part in my daily skin care routine. I got all products from the new product line for sensitive skin. All are including pink healing clay, the Gel also includes brown linsseed and night cream has kombu algae as an ingredient. Now I want to tell you more about them:

Calming Micellular Cleansing Gel:

What does the packaging say: "The calming micellular cleansing gel cleans the skin and the eye area, it removes make-up especially gentle and is perfect for sensitive skin. ......"

As a big fan of micellular water I was already looking forward to using this product because it sounded great. My expectations have been completely fulfilled and exceeded. You can apply the gel with a cotton pad or your fingers and it removes make-up perfectly. I prefer using a cotton pad butit also works when you apply it with your fingers. The gel removes my make- up very well, also my waterproof mascara and longlasting lipstick. For more persistent make-up products like waterproof eyeliner it will maybe not work, but as I am not using such products very often I have not experienced any problems.

Comforting sleeping cream:

What does the packaging say: " Moisturises, revitalizes and helps the skin to recover from everyday stress."

From testing it the first time on I have been a big fan of this night cream. It moisturises my skin so well and makes it feel soft and smooth, that´s perfect because lately I have dry skin. It has a nice smell but it is hard to describe and it feels wonderful when it is applied.

Price: 22,99 € for 50 ml



The Sheabutter can be used for the body or the face, but also for the hair. It supplies the skin with nutrients and gives the hair new shine and vitality. I have already tested it as a body-butter and it feels so good on the skin and nourishes intensively.

Price: 9,99 € for 100 g


Cattier skin care set :

I also got a package with three products in travel-size inside and it included: a hand- balm with white clay, an bio-olive oil and bio mango lip-balm, and a sheabutter.

  • The lip-balm moisturises dry lips very good and gives a smooth feeling. 

  • The hand-balm is great for dry hands because it nourishes the skin, makes it softer and prevents from getting drier.

  • The Sheabutter: I also got this in a little travel size. You can read the description above.

I like all of these three products and I am going to take them with me for my next vacation.

Cattier Paris Deodorant Spray:

The deodorant spray smells very fresh and kind of luxurious after cardamom and patchouli. It is long lasting, without aluminium and doesn´t block the natural perspiration process, but prevents body odour. 

I do absolutely like this products so much and use them every day. Thank you so much Cattier Paris for these great products !

Have you already heard from Cattier Paris or do you already maybe have some of their products? What is your favourite natural cosmetic and skin care brand?

Yours, Nina

For more information, check out their website:

Here is the link to their online shop:

*END OF ADVERTISMENT: the products were given to me for free


  1. Die Produkte hören sich super gut an! Und ich mag das cleane Packaging!

    XX aus Nürnberg
    Want Get Repeat

    1. Liebe Jecky!

      Vielen lieben Dank für dein Kommentar (:

      Mir gefällt das Packaging auch sehr gut und ich kann mir die Produkte aus meiner Beauty Routine gar nicht mehr wegdenken.

      Liebe Grüße,


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