My spring favourites

Spring is definitly a season that I like a lot. I love it when it gets warmer outside, when you can sit outside again without freezing, when you can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, when you can finally hear birds sing again, and much more....

So I decided to share some of my spring favourites with you, things I like to do and things I like to wear.

Things I like to do:

  • Having a barbecue: I am always looking forward to the first barbecue in the new year, because a barbecue with nice people is so great. When you can sit together in the sun, eat delicious garlic bread, salads, meat (if you like to), different sauces and everyone is automatically in a good mood.
  • Going for a walk: There is nothing better on a warm spring day than going for a walk in the nature. It is good for the health and good for the mood and you can see how nature slowly wakes up again.

  • Working out: In winter it is often very hard for me to have enough motivation to work out, but in spring it is so much easier, especially when the sky is blue and the sun is out.

Things I like to wear:

  • Leather jackets: A total spring must-have for me is a cool leather jacket. I think black is always a good choice because it looks great with nearly every colour, but I do also like pastel colours, like a light rosé .
  • Sunglasses: As soon as the sun shows again I carry my sunglasses with me in my bag again. When it is so light outside I definitly need sunglasses.

  • Sneakers, Sandals and Loafers: I am totally a sneaker girl, I don´t have that much sneakers but the ones that I have I wear really often, because they look great for sporty looks and they are so comfy. I also really like to wear sandals and Loafer, because you can put them on very fast and there are so many pretty variations of these shoes available. Who agrees? :D

What are your favourites in spring ? Tell me in the comments :)

Yours, Nina


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