Life update #1- big changes and relaxing at the lake

Hey guys, I thought this would be a good new category to tell you what is on in my life at the moment and how my week was. I will time by time, when something special happens, post a blogentry for this category. Hope you like it (: !

This last week was very exciting, also exhausting, but filled with many new and great experiences. As I have already told you in my last blogpost, I decided to change something about my university situation, and last week it all started to be new.

I decided to start multimedia studying, so I can learn from home and don´t have to drive to university so often. At the beginning of this study you have to be present at unversity, you get explained how everything works and what you have to do to be positive at the end of the semester. I had to drive to Carinthia for this and had a pleasant stay near Wörthersee (it is a big, beautiful lake in Carinthia). I had to be in University half of the day but the other half I had some free time that I spend at the lake. I was really lucky with the weather. On wednesday morning it was snowing, to be honest I did not expect that, because it had about 15 degrees the day before and so I didn´t have many warm clothes with me, but in the afternoon it was again very warm outside, so the snow was gone after midday.

As I have already told you, I love being at the water. No matter if it is a beautiful lake or the sea, I just calm down and I am relaxed when I am the water. So I really enjoyed being at the Wörthersee this week and it helped me to cope with all of the stress and changes.

In conclusion I can say that it was a really interesting and positive week and that I am already looking forward to the next week, because my unversity classes start again and I am planning some new things for my social media activities. So this next week I will try to be very productive (:

What do you think about this new categorie? Any recommodations?

Wish you a wonderful and happy new week (:

Yours, Nina


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