Authenticity on Blogs and Instagram

Being a blogger is not always easy...

And I can only say that from the perspective of a hobby blogger who tries to invest as much time as possible to my blog, even though I have to work and to study.

Being authentic is for sure one of the most important things for a blogger,

Lately I´ve read the great article from Kerstin from MissGetAway about Instagram rules and that she doesn´t want to adhere with it anymore and really understood her decision.

Instagram changed a lot in the last years and makes it much harder for new bloggers to start with Instagram, no matter how much time you invest, it takes a long time to build a strong Instagram community. The new algorithm, shadowban, and much more are real problems, because your posts are not seen from as many people as possible. Your feed also needs to be clean and perfect to have a chance to gain followers, because these are the things that the people want to see. But in my opinion this is just not authentic, because life is not only black/ white, filled with pretty flowers and perfect jewelry. Yes, you also find these things in my feed but I also try to mix it with parts of my normal daily life, because I think that these are the things that make me who I am and that you, my readers, can identify with this content much better. 

On blogs it is the same. I´ve already heard from a lot of people that they are not sure if a blogger tells you his/her honest opinion about a product when they have a cooperation with a company. I already also had some cooperations and for me it is totally important be honest with my readers, even though I get a sponsored product. At the moment I am not getting  paid for my articles when I have a cooperation, I just get the products or the stay at a hotel . The main problem may be that bloggers get paid for cooperations, it is a struggle for bloggers because no company wants to pay for a bad opinion about their product but you also don´t want to say something bad about it. So it´s not easy to find a middle way between being authentic and doing your work, but it is for sure possible to handle it.

I would never say that I like something just because I get it for free, I say it when I really mean it, because I want you to trust my opinion. 
I will try to stay authentic no matter how many followers I might get, because that is the most important thing about a blogger for me.

What´s your opinion about this topic? Are you maybe also a blogger and know this struggle? What´s your opinion as a reader about it?

Yours, Nina


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