Travel diary: Barcelona Part II

Hey guys!

I know it has already been a while ago when I published the first part of my travel diary of Barcelona, but I had a really stressful time.

So here it is:

Day 3:

At the third day of our trip we started at Sagrada Familia. We weren´t sure if we wanted to go inside, so we did not book tickets before. When we arrived we saw that all tickets had been sold out, so it wasn´t an option to visit the church. But it was totally stunning to see this giant building from outside. It has so many little details which you don´t see at first sight, but when you have a closer look you can find so many of them.

Later we decided to visit Park Güell, a Park build by Gaudi. You see, as soon as you arrive, that is is Gaudi´s work, because of his style. It  is a big garden area, with many levels, so you can go up and have a wonderful view over Barcelona. About 90 % of the park are free for visitors, if you want to see all parts you have to pay a little fee. As we had already been walking around for a while we decided not to pay and stayed in the free areas, because you still see enough beautiful green corners and Gaudi details.

In the evening we enjoyed some dinner at Placa Espanya and then we walked to Font Magica where nearly every evening in summer a little "show" of the fountains takes place. If you visit Barcelona you need to see it. There had been many people, but on both sides of the fountain it was no problem to get a place to see the light and music show. It was hard to capture this on a picture so you need to see it with your own eyes.

Day 4:

This was our last day, but we had a late flight back and tried to use the day as good as possible. We decided to visit Poble Espanyol. It is a little village with many old spanish houses who had been renovated to be shown to the visitors of Barcelona. Poble Espanyol shows you how the people lived years ago and all of the old stores are filled with real store where you can buy spanish products, like Sangria, handmade spanish soaps, and much more. But there are also many different restaurants and coffeeshops, where you can take a break and breath in the wonderful and historical atmosphere.
The little village is located just a 5 minutes walk away from the Montjuïc Fountains and is absolutely worth a visit, altough it is not cheap.

 Have you ever been to Barcelona? If yes, which one is your favourite sight?

Yours, Nina


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