June Playlist

Listening to music is something that I really enjoy, especially in stressful times, so I thought it would be great to share my current song favourites with you.

My June Playlist includes some really new songs, that I just experienced some days ago but that I hear every day since I know them.

My June Playlist

For me a mix of happy songs and of thoughtful ones makes a playlist perfect, because you can find a song for every mood. In my opinion a song should wake emotions in a person, no matter if they are good or sad, because music has the power to get us in a completely different mood and makes us think about the text. I know the list includes some very thoughtful songs but I am just that kind of person which overthinks everything, so these songs are great for me :)


I will link you the youtube video for the song in the titles. So here is my June playlist:

1. Lena- If I wasn´t your daughter:

Heard this song at "Sing meinen Song" and completely fell in love with it, because it is so honest, fragile and comprehensibly. I think that many people can relate to the song text or maybe knows someone who is in a very simular situatin.

2. Ed Sheeran- Galway Girl:

Already one of my favourite songs since it was published, because it makes me be in a great mood. I am a big Ed Sheeran fan and I think all of his new songs are really good but this is maybe my favourite, because I like the irish style of the song.
Irish music is something that I like since I have been to Ireland (Read my Ireland travel diaries here: Part 1 & Part 2), ´cause sitting in a traditional pub and listening to the typical rhythms makes such an amazing atmosphere.

3. Harry Style- Sign of life:

To be honest I have never been a big fan of One Direction but I also never disliked them. This song is so emotional in my eyes because Harry Styles confirmed that the song is about a dying woman who is giving birth to a child - but there had been complications. The music video doesn´t really fit to his statement for me, but I still really like that song.

4. Shawn Mendes- There´s nothing holding me back:

This songs doesn´t need much explanation, good rhythms and an amazing singer.

5. Enrique Iglesias- Subeme la radio:

I like these spanish vibes that makes you feel like you are anywhere in spain for vacation - as soon as you hear the song.

6. The Chainsmokers& Coldplay- Something like this:

Something like this- is a song that I could hear every day because it gets me in a party mood even when I am a little bit down one day.

7. Hailee Steinfeld- Most girls:

Just spotted this song today and liked it, because it is about the power of women and that we are all special and unique.

8. Adel Tawil- Ist da jemand?

This is a german song with a great melody and a super thoughtful text, which is absolutely worth listening to. It expresses a feeling that for sure many people know.

9. Alice Merton- No roots:

Heard this song for the first time when I watched the Lifeball in TV and can´t get it out of my head since then.

What do you think about these songs? Any good song recommodations? What is your favourite song?(:

Yours, Nina


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