Rügen- a green island at the baltic sea

Lately I had been to Rügen for 3 1/2 days and it took us more than 10 hours to get there.

Normally I would for sure never have seen this island because it is just so far away from Austria and I am not such a big fan of 10 hours car rides :P But this year my sister decided to do an internship on Rügen, which was a great idea as we thought, but sadly there had been some main problems with the accommodation for trainees. But today I want to tell you more about my stay:

Some facts:
Rügen is Germanys biggest island with the biggest island population. It is located at the baltic sea in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, not far away from Poland. It is connected to the mainland with a bridge and a tunnel to Stralsund. Rügen´s capital is "Bergen auf Rügen" where we also stayed.

If I am honest I didn´t expect the island to be so green, I just had that picture of large beaches, the sea and cute little towns in my head. But to my surprise Rügen is a very green island with many alamedas/tree-lined roads, big woods, and much more.

View out of the car

Where did we stay:

We decided to book the Hotel am Rugard, because it is perfectly located in the woods of Bergen but also only a 10 minutes walk away from the town. And also the price was great. For our stay we also booked breakfast and it was really delicious with many biological, local or homemade products. So if you are ever at Rügen I can recommend this hotel to you (:

View from the Rugard Tower
Hotel am Rugard
Entry area

What did we do:

At first we visited Binz, a town with a wonderful centre and beach promenade, where holiday feelings start to arise. Some impressions:

Beach in Binz
We also had a long walk through the town of Rügen, where we twice enjoyed a wonderful dinner, once at Meyers Tüffelhus and also at Puk up´n Balken, both very special and delicious, but not too expensive restaurants.

Centre of Bergen

Flammkuchen at Meyers Tüffelhus

Something that we didn´t plan to visit, but surprisingly found at Rügen was "Karl´s Erlebnis Dof", perfect for families with children or people who love strawberry products. They have a giant playground for kids outside and inside they are selling so many products made of strawberries, like strawberry bred,jam , wine, juice, mustard,and much more. In the store you can try all these products for free before you try them and there is a wonderful athmosphere, and also a great little restaurant inside. A must-see/do for me when on Rügen.

Karls Erlebnisdorf

Sadly we chose a day with bad weather for our trip to the chalk-coast in the nationalpark Jasmund. There is a huge visitor center based on 4 different levels, where you get shown the history of this area and how nature built all of this. Normally I am no big fan of long exhibitions, because they are sometimes not very exciting, but this is completely different.

Chalk Coast at national park Jasmund

Chalk coast

Afterwards we walked to the Coast, but due to the foggy and rainy weather we didn´t see that much of the great nature. If I ever visit this island again I would for sure visit this place one more time.

At the beach in Binz

Have you ever been to Rügen? If yes, what are your must-dos there? If no, do you plan to visit it one day?

Yours, Nina


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