1. blog anniversary - and what I´ve learned so far

Some days ago, when I was sitting at the lake I noticed something really important:

On 18. Juli my blog is already 1 year old!!!! Can´t believe that. Feels like time was flying... And so I thought it is time for a blogpost about my experiences.

1. blog anniversary

So one year ago I posted my first blogpost and launched this blog as a little hobby blog. This had been my very first blogpost- My new blog, and so many things changed since I decided to start with it.

At the beginning I just saw it as a hobby that I spend time for in less stressful times. But after a while I just didn´t want to miss this blog-thing anymore in my life, because I really enjoy owning my own blog, writing blogposts, creating new content, that you hopefully like, and decided to start improving my blog. So I´ve changed nearly everything - the design, the logo, the style of my blogposts, and more. Now I am really happy the way it is but as I want to do it on a very professional basis I will improve some things again soon, because a good blog never stops improving in my opinion.

It had been a very exciting time for me, because there is so much new to learn when you start a blog and it is not always easy to figure out how it all needs to be done. I´ve learned a lot about how a website needs to be handled, how to change the layout and style, about SEO and much more. I´ve also learned that not everyone will always be happy for you and your success, but I just don´t mind that because I love doing this and that is all that counts.

I am very thankful for the great people that I met during this time and the people who helped my with this journey. Luckily I´ve already had some really cool cooperations with great companies, that I am also thankful for- you can read more about them here. I know that bloggers are often critised for cooperations and the authenticity when you promote a product/hotel, but I ´ve always choosen my cooperations carefully so that I can really relate to it and especially like the products .

1 year is not that much yet, I know, but I will not stop doing this here because after this time it is really one big passion for me and a big, important part of my life, because it gives me the opportunity to say what I think, to make new contacts, to hopefully see more of this beautiful world and to share my experiences with you.

I hope that you, my readers will also keep reading this blog in the future because your support, especially on Instagram and your great feedback there is so wonderful. Thank you so much for your love (:
This was the first picture that I´ve posted on this blog.

Yours, Nina


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