Life update #2

It is already the 2nd of July today, hard to believe, because it feels like the year would just have started a while ago for me. So I thought that it would be time for a new life update, and it is already number 2.

Today I started into my summer university holidays with a relaxing day at the thermal bath and as I was swimming in the pool I started to think about what had happened the past 6 months.  Many things changed, especially my university situation, but I am now much happier than I had been before and it feels like everything is on a good way. I have been to Villach(Austria), Barcelona and Mallorca and Rügen, which is pretty much for me because I also had a lot of stress with univeristy and also had to work.

Thermal bath in Frauenkirchen (Austria)

Two days ago I wrote my last exam for this semester, and this course was important for me to go on with my studies. I think it should be a positive result and I am glad about it, so that I can start into new and hopefully interesting courses in autumn.

Lake at the outdoor area

My travel addiction is really big this year.

I will spend a nice holiday in Carinthia (Austria) and I am totally looking forward to it. You don´t always have to travel far away, because in my opinion it is also important to see and know your own country. Austria has so many beautiful places and I want to see more of it. And maybe another vacation will reveal, but I am not planning that much, because I have a big and difficult exam in autumn, so I really have to start to learn very soon and I also have to work.

Altough I will try to make the best out of my summer, will spend much time with my family and friends, enjoy being in nature, go swimming and much more (: . I will also try to improve my blog and my instagram feed, so there will maybe be some small changes as you will see . All in all I am looking forward to this summer which will hopefully be filled with many great experiences.

Lounger with a view

What are your summer plans?

Yours, Nina


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