My travel wishlist

I have already seen some places, but there are still so many more that I want to explore, so I thought I would just share it with you:

This list will only include the most important of my dream destinations which are not that far away, because otherwise it would definitly get too long. It will also include places where I have already been but that I want to see again soon:

  • Austria: There are so many beautiful places in Austria, so I will try to see as many as possible.
  • Hamburg is a place that I already want to visit for many years.
  • Budapest is luckily not that far away from Austria and I´ve heard so many good things about this city.
  • Bratislava- only about 25 minutes away from my hometown and never been there- need to change that.
  • Italy: Triest, Rome, Milano, Venice, Florence, Positano and many more. I have not seen more than south tirol in Italy - altough I have italian roots, so I definitly need to change this. 
  • France: Marseille, Cannes, Montpellier- I want to see the south coast of France because I have seen wonderful pictures, heard stunning stories and cannot wait to stroll around there.
  • Spain: I have already been to Barcelona (read more- here and here), and really LOVED it there! So I am super excited about visiting Madrid and Valencia hopefully soon.  Mallorca is my all-time favourite, so I will for sure visit it often in the future.
  • Portugal: Lisboa and Porto are important cities in my travel wishlist.
  • The Netherlands: Already been to Amsterdam and now want to see Den Haag and maybe do a roadtrip through the Netherland in total.
  • England: You know that I love London, and I have already been there 3 times, but can´t get enough of this city. Actually I had planned to travel there this year but after the happenings lately I decided to wait a little and travel there again next year. I know that bad things can happen everywhere but I am just a very security loving person and don´t want to take a higher risk than usual. A must do for me is a England round-trip, that´s on my list for such a long time already that I want to do it very soon.
  • Scotland: Want to visit Edingburgh and maybe Glasglow.
  • Sweden: One of my favourite countries in Europe ever. Already been to Stockholm, but still watiting for a perfect Sweden round-trip.
  • Norway: For sure I want to see Oslo, but also dreaming of seeing the Northern lights.
  • Denmark: Copenhagen is a must-see for me.
  • Bali: Sadly soooo far away, and I don´t like long-distance flights, but I want to travel there one day.
Hope I haven´t forgotten anything, but there are anywhere many more places that I want to see. Maybe you now have some inspiration for your future travel plans or maybe also have some good recommodations for me (:

Do you also have a travel-wishlist? Which destination do you want to see soon? Any recommodations for me for great places that I haven´t mentioned here?

Yours, Nina


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