Life update #3 - about thankfulness and future anxieties

Summer will soon end , so I thought that it is time for a new:

About my birthday

Yesterday it was exactly one week ago that it was my birthday and I can´t believe that I am already 21 years old now ! Some years ago, when I was about 15 years old, I thought that with 21 everyone is so adulty which is not true for most people that age. I enjoyed a great birthday, went to the zoo before midday and had a great barbecue in the evening with my family, but also enjoyed a super delicious birthday cake. Sadly my sister couldn´t celebrate with us because she is doing an internship in a different part of Austria.

This year was the first year that I didn´t have any birthday wishes, because when I thought about what I could wish for I realised that I have everything: a loving family which always supports me, amazing friends who are here for me whenever I need them, I am healthy and my family too, we have  a nice home and can go on vacation sometimes. Most people are not having that much luck in their lifes and I am really thankful for everything that I have. But altough I didn´t have any birthday wishes I got some really great presents because my family sometimes knows me better than I know myself.

Tragical happenings

When I read about what happened in Barcelona on Thursday I was really shocked. Only 4 months ago I visited that city, walked with my family in the Ramblas too, enjoyed a wonderful stay and fell in love with Barcelona. In the past few months there had been so many terroristic attacks in europe that I sometimes find myself thinking about if it is still good to travel. Don´t get me wrong, I love traveling and think that it is super important to don´t let terrorists have a big impact in your life, but I am a very security loving person and don´t want to take any risk that I could have avoided. So sometimes I really think about where all this will lead to, if maybe in 20 years nobody will travel anymore because everyone is afraid about what could happen when you are in public areas. I will never understand why people do something like that and my prayers are with all families who lost someone, but not only in Barcelona, also worldwide because these are so senseless things happening where innocent people suffer from the stupidity of other people.

I can only hope that one day all this will stop and that everyone will just be happy about her/his life and let other people life their lifes the way they want. But to be honest I am really trying to avoid big cities at the moment, maybe I will change that soon, but for sure I will always have that thought in my head that I should look around me and be super careful.

Last summer vibes

But now to some better things: I am having holidays from my job now and will be on vacation soon, in Carinthia. I am totally looking forward to spending some time at a lake, being in nature, relaxing without thinking about my university stuff and much more. Maybe I want to travel somewhere in September too but I am not sure yet, we´ll see. It´s so incredible for me that it is nearly autumn again, but this year I am the first time really happy about it, I don´t know why but I like what´s coming soon so it doesn´t bother me as much as the last years.

Are you traveling somewhere soon? If yes, where?`Does it bother you that summer is nearly over? How do you deal with that?

Yours, Nina


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