My top 10 romantic movies

There are so many different movie genres, but one of my favourite genre is for sure: romances. I like them so much because of many reasons: they make you feel like being in a different world, mostly every movie has a happy end, you can sometimes find parts of yourself in movie persons, you can laugh much while watching such movies, and so much more...

So I now want to share a list with my favourite 10 romantic movies that I love watching, that I have already watched many times and which make me happy and make me believe in true love.

  1.  Dirty Dancing: the movie that nearly everyone loves and that for sure everone has seen more than once. A beautiful love story between17 year old Baby who enjoys her summer holidays at Kellermans and the dancing teacher Johnny, with a lot of ups and down. Have watched this movie so often and still can´t get enough. I have also seen the musical when I have been to London for the first time, it was great but nothing can get close to this amazin movie.
  2. P.S.: I love you: A tragical movie, that shows that even after losing the person you love you should never give up and will find a way to go on into a happy life again and maybe find a new love.
  3. Pretty woman: Another classical movie which should be known by everyone. It´s about Vivian Ward, a hooker in Hollywood, who gets hired for a longer term by Edward Lewis, who is a business man. While she is hired they are both developing feeling for each other. Big recommodation!
  4. Music and Lyrics: A story about Sophie Fisher and Alex Fletcher ( a former popstar), who, due to coincidence, work together on lyrics for the popstar Cora and fall in love with each other. Amazing songs are part of this movie, where you still have a catchy record in your head even hours after watching.

  5. Notting Hill: Another Julia Robert movie that I love. She plays a very popular actress who meets due to fortune William Thacker ( Hugh Grant). A great romantic story with many moments where you have to laugh a lot.
  6. Valentines Day: A movie with more stars in it than in most of any other movies. Many different stories are told in one movie which are all related in the end. Super funny, super emotional, huge recommodation.

  7. Letters to Juliet: Sophie is young woman working for The New Yorker. While being in a pre- honeymoon with her fiance she finds a letter for Juliett and starts to discover more about how these letters still get answeres. Many adventures and new experiences are starting for Sophie.
  8. Bridget Jones Baby: I always loved the Bridget Jones´s movies, because they are so down-to-earth, partly realistic and you are always hoping for a happy-end for Bridget. The new movie Bridget Jones Baby really surprised me in a positive way. I laughed so much while watching it! Won´t tell you too much- go and watch it (:
  9. The proposal: A movie with Sandra Bullock ( I am a big fan of most of her movies!). It is about a canadian executive who doesn´t get a Visa any more, so she forces her assisent to play her fiance. Super funny movie with a great happy-end.
  10. You´ve got Mail: This movie is about two people who met each other online, who start an online romance and don´t know that in real life they are business rivals. For sure one of my all-time favourite movies.

There are still so many more romantic movies that I like, but I tried to write down the one´s that I like most, because otherwise it would have been too much.

Which romantic movies do you like? Do you even watch romantic movies?

Yours, Nina


  1. Als Serien- und Filmfreak liebe ich solche Beiträge. PS Ich liebe dich war Solo traurig :///


    1. Liebe Tina!
      Vielen Dank für dein Kommentar (: Ich liebe Serien und Filme ja auch sehr!
      Ja der Film ist wirklich traurig, hat aber auch viele schöne und nachdenkliche Momente, deshalb mag ich ihn.
      Liebe Grüße,

  2. Ach ja ich liebe romantische Filme, besonders an Tagen wie heute: Regen, Sturm und krank im Bett :D
    Danke für die super Tipps <3
    Hab einen wundervollen Tag <3
    Liebste Grüße,

    1. Liebe Sassi!
      Da hast du recht, gerade im Herbst und Winter gibt es doch nichts besseres als einen romantischen Film anzusehen.
      Wünsche dir auch einen tollen tag (:
      Liebe Grüße,


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