Autumn favourites 2017

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This year autumn is presenting himself in a very good way: a lot of sun, not that cold, not much rain....
I really enjoy that, because autumn has never been my favourite time of the year. Sometimes it´s hard for me to be in a good mood when the weather is only grey and rainy for some days without a little bit of sunshine. Although I always try to make autumn nicer with some pretty things to enjoy this time of the year more. Today I want to share some things with you that I totally like recently and that I wouldn´t want to miss this autumn:

Fashion/Make up

  • Trench Coats:
    A fashion must-have in autumn are trench coats for me, because they fit to many different styles, are very classic and always stylish. I prefer the standard beige ones, but also like black or red ones. The big advantage for me is that I can wear layer look under it, because there is enough space to wear a warming sweater or cardigan unterneath. With leather jackets it´s always a bit unfitting to wear something warm under it. Sadly I haven´t found the trench coat that I have because I already have it for many years, but this one looks super simular and isn´t expensive.
  • Scarfs:
    On colder days in autumn but also in winter I love to wear warm scarfs, because I hate it when it´s could around my neck .I am only feeling comfortable on colder days when I am wearing warm and cozy clothes. One of my favourite scarfs is this one that I already wore some days this year:
  • Nude, grey and dark berry colours:
    Loving these colours for autumn, especially for nail polish, lipstick/ lipgloss, but also for fashion. Nude is my all-time colour which I love the whole year, but grey and dark berry colours (for example purple) are typical colours which I mostly only wear in autumn.
  • Candles:
    Would could be better for a cozy atmosphere than some light from candles? I am a big fan of yankee candles for some years already because they have such a long burning duration, smell amazing and are available in different smell variations:
  • Blanket with arms:
    Bought one last year and I am still so thrilled by it, because it is so convenient to have blanket arms while reading a book, having a look on my phone and so on. I always disliked when I had to keep my arms out of the blanket because I wanted to do something, so this definitly solved my problem.
  • Porridge: Always a breakfast must-have for me, but especially when it gets colder I love to have something warm in the morning. I also like that a long time after I´ve eaten porridge I am not really hungry, so it´s perfect when I have to work a lot before midday or when I go to work. Sometimes I eat porridge bought in the supermarket, but sometimes I make it on my own- depending on how much time I have in the morning. Will soon share my porridge recipe with you.

Books and Music:

  •  Eine Bluse macht noch keinen Sommer: Geschichten aus dem Kleiderschrank by Guido Maria Kretschmer:
    A german book written by a wonderful designer about fashion items, how they can be worn, how to combine them and much more, but also stories from his life as a fashion designer. It´s written in a very likable way and you can laugh a lot about his stories. Read it this autumn and loved it !

  • Song "iD by Michael Patrick Kelly and Gentleman":
    Since I´ve heard that song for the first time I just can´t get it out of my mind anymore. I can´t just get enough of it, because of the amazing rhythms and also the powerful lyrics.
What are your autumn favourites 2017? Anything that you wouldn´t want to miss right now?

Yours, Nina


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