Thoughts about success and failure

"Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm"

One of my favourite quotes about success, which describes perfectly that success gets hand in hand with failure, because without failure, what would success really mean? How could we realize that we had been sucessful? Isn´t failure necessary to identify success as success?

These questions were bothering me lately as I was preparing for an exam for university. This exam wasn´t easy for me- not because I didn´t like the subject- only because I had already failed in a very simular exam, some time ago before I had changed university.

I think I have never been more nervous before an exam than this time, although I really learned a lot and thought that I was prepared to deal with the questions. But this failure that I had experienced was somehow etched on my mind and I didn´t know how to handle that. Than I realized that it was okay not to pass, because I could repeat this exam without loosing much time in my studies, but that only took a little bit of my tension away.

As I was sitting at the exam and detected that I knew quite much I felt the pressure decreasing.
In the end I got a positive grade and was so extremely happy about that.

Maybe my happiness would not have been so big if I hadn´t failed before, because that way my victory felt much bigger than at any exam before. Perhaps because I worked so hard for it for a long time or because I wanted it so much that time, I´m not sure- but I am super proud of myself and think that maybe my failing before was necessary to reach that goal.

I never thought about success like most people- that success would be to earn a lot of money, to drive expensive cars, and so on- success always meant for me to achieve little goals that I set myself. Goals that made me happy. For example doing sports 3 times a week because I want to be fit and healthy, learning 50 pages a day as a part of my big goal, which is being a solicitor or a lawyer one day, and things like that.

I think that many little goals together can have a significant impact on my life, because together they are big.

So I´ll try not to loose my enthusiasm only because I maybe failed once ore twice. No matter if it comes to university or to daily life, because I think that we have to learn from our "mistakes" and failures. It makes us stronger as a person because that way we learn not to give up and to work for our goals.

Because if you really want something it is for sure possible to achieve your goal.

What´s your point of view about success and failure?

Yours, Nina


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