My first time traveling alone

Traveling alone is something that many people want to do once in their life´s because it is a new experience.
I never planned to travel alone, because I just enjoy sharing my daily impressions and happenings with someone. But as I am doing a long distance study there is a presence phase at the beginning of each stage of the study, so I had to be in Linz for 4 days at the beginning of october. As I knew that I would have to be at university all day long I realised that it wouldn´t be a good idea to take someone with me, because I couldn´t do anything with this person, like exploring the city.

Actually I have never been traveling completely on my own before, instead I have always been together with my family or some friends. The fact of traveling alone made me a bit nervous but not because I was scared of being alone. I was actually more nervous about having no one to talk to when I was sitting at breakfast or that in the evening when I come back from university nobody was waiting for me.

I think I was afraid to feel alone...

Fortunately I only had to be at university for 3 days, so it hasn´t been a long time. And I also stayed at a nice hotel (Blogpost about it- here) which took some of my fear away, because I knew that I would have a nice room to come back to after university where I would feel comfortable in and that the reception was open 24 hours, so if I would need anything I could always ask.

While my stay I have not felt really alone once, because I have seen people all day at university, and also my fear that it would be unlikely to sit alone at breakfast hasn´t pointed out to be weird, because there have been many business people sitting alone for breakfast and I always took my phone with me and read the latest news or had a look at Instagram. I only went for dinner alone once because every other day I´ve met someone from university that I went for dinner with. I used the times where I had been alone for learning or for my blog, so it has never been boring. I walked back to my hotel after univeristy every day so that I was able to see more from Linz than just the university and I kind of enjoyed discovering the city by myself.

Traveling solo for 4 days has not been weird for me, but when I think about doing a citytrip alone I know that this would not be perfect for me, because I love to enjoy time with people that I love, to share my experiences throughout the day and my feelings with someone, I love to have someone to talk to at breakfast and I like to plan the day with someone. Therefor I decided that I would not want to travel alone if it wouldn´t be necessary for some reason.

Have you ever travelled alone? If yes, which experiences have you made with that? If not, are you thinking about a solo travel?

Yours, Nina

Some city impressions of Linz:


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