Week review nr.1: About stressful times and my first pressdays

As you know I post some life updates time by time, but this time my blogpost doesn´t fit into this category, so I thought that I could start with some week reviews occasionally to tell you what happened the last week and what I´ve experienced. So here is my first week review about calender week 46 (November 2017), hope you like that kind of blogposts (:

About stressful times and blogwork

This last week was really exciting but also exhausting, because I had many errands that needed to be done, an appointment at an authority and also at the dentist, but also a lot to work for university and for my blog. When I have a lot of stress with university I sometimes don´t find enough time to work for my blog and I am always really sorry about that because I love to share my thoughts and experiences with you. You might have seen that I haven´t posted something last sunday which is really unusual for me, because I always try to post on sundays. I´ll try to post as regular as possible and hope that you still like to read my blog, even though I might not post that often.

About my first pressdays

I was super happy when about two weeks ago an invitation for my first pressdays was inside my e-mail inbox from Heroes & Heroines. This is a PR agency in Vienna which is  doing different kinds of event organisations, social media marketing and more.

Some of you might now think: "What are pressdays? I never heard of that before"

To be true, I haven´t heard of it too before I started with my blog.

So what is a pressday: At a pressday a PR agency shows the press and also some bloggers the new collections of their clients which will be available for example in the next season, but sometimes also current items.

It was really nice at Heroes & Heroines, they had great drinks and some delicious snacks. The new collections were really cool, I found many items that I liked and that I would love to have. Also some new fragrances caught my eye which smelled so amazing that I will for sure buy some of them soon. If you follow me on Instagram you have maybe seen what was inside my goodie bag, because I showed you the content in my InstaStory.

I am really thankful for the invitation and enjoyed my first pressday. Now I am totally looking forward to upcoming events and new experiences in the blogger business, as I am really new in that business and don´t have that much practical knowledge yet about blogger events or similar things.

Have you ever heard of press days? Are you maybe also a blogger?

Yours, Nina


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