Goodbye 2017

2017 has been a wonderful year that passed by so fast. So many good things happened this year and I am really thankful for every moment. Today I wanted to give you a quick review about my travels and happenings this year.

Personal happenings

First of all, 2017 started not good for me. Some personal changes, but also my university change hadn´t made it easy to start positively into this year, because I just hadn´t known what was approaching me and that made me a little bit insecure. Now I can happily say that these changes were really good and that I am happier than before, especially with my university situation. My long-distance study gives me so many more possibilities and more time to learn for exams. I can really recommend everyone to change something about their university/work situation if your not happy because it has such a big impact on your life. I am happy about that change and my strengt to change it, even though it scared me first.

Read more about it in my first life update - HERE.

Another big change for me was to change my blog domain name. I told you more about it and my reasons for that change in a blogpost- find it HERE.

Travels 2017

Something that I hadn´t expected this year, was that I was able to travel a lot. Some happy circumstances and cooperations made it possible for me to travel as much as my study allowed.

My first travel led me to Barcelona this year during the easter holidays. I already wanted to visit this city for a long time and this year I was finally there. Already before my trip I knew that I would like that city, but to my own surprise I loved it even more than I expected. This city offers just a perfect combination of a beach and a city trip. I wrote my Travel diary: Barcelona Part I and Travel diary: Barcelona Part II, and also about my Must-see places in this beautiful city.

Barcelona- Parc de la Ciutadella

Only about one month later, at the beginning of May I had an amazing cooperation with the hotel Astoria Playa at Mallorca and was able to stay there for a short vacation to experience more about the hotel and the surroundings. That trip was surprisingly, because I just got the commitment for that cooperation about 1 1/2 months before our departure to Mallorca. Read more about my trip - HERE.

Mallorca- Astoria Playa pool

In June I travelled to the island Rügen (Germany) by car. I really have to mention that I don´t know if I would travel there by car again, because it took us more than 12 hours to get there, so next time I would prefer flying to Berlin or Hamburg and to rent a car there. We only decided to go by car, because my sister wanted to do an internship there and therefore she had to take many things with her, which wouldn´t had been possible by plane. In total it was nevertheless an amazing and interesting trip, even though we got some bad surprises there - but you can read more about my trip HERE.

Binz (Rügen/Germany)

My only real summer vacation was in August, where I travelled to Carinthia (Austria). I really like the lakes there and had a great time. Find the blogpost - HERE.

Lake Klopein- Austria

I´ve also made a new travel experience in October, because it was my first solo travel. Although I only travelled in Austria ( to Linz) it was different to stay aloneand having nobody to talk about the daily happenings. Luckily I was able to stay at a great hotel where I felt really welcome, that made my trip much nicer. HERE you can find my blogpost about my first solo travel, and HERE a review about the hotel where I´d stayed.

Linz- Star Inn Hotel

The last travel for 2017 was a short trip to Bratislava with a good friend of mine. We enjoyed exploring the city, because we had both never been there before, but sadly it was suuuuuper cold that weekend, so we weren´t able to see as much as we wanted. I also wrote a travel diary about my stay there, which you can find HERE.


For me 2017 was really a travelling year, because I think that there has never been a year before where I was able to travel as much as 2017. I really enjoyed that and hope that I can travel a lot in 2018 too.

So with that blogpost I want to say GOODBYE to 2017 and want to thank you all for your support,it really means a lot to many that you are reading my posts.

How was your 2017? Where did you travel this year? Do you have any goals for 2018? 

Yours, Nina


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