Review: Genius Simply Straight Brush

For me my hairstyling must be easy and fast, because I don´t want to spend hours in the bathroom to style my hair. Luckily my hair is easy to care, but sometimes it is tangled and looks really like "out-of-bed", although that´s not how they were supposed to look.

I have thought a long time about buying a hair straightening brush, because I just hadn´t known if it´s a good thing for my hair and I just couldn´t find any reviews on blogs or some other websites. But some time ago I finally got such a brush as a present and thought that a review might be interesting for some of you, who are thinking about buying such a brush.

First of all: I have the Genius Simply Straight Brush and use it regularly.

What does the packaging say

"Perfectly-straightened hair- fast & easy"
"Ionic technology, heating up to 230 degrees, fast heating-up"

 How to use it

I always brush my hair at first with a normal brush, so that my hair is not tangled. Then I use the brush and normally only heat it up to 185 degrees, but if my hair is more wavy than usual I take a little bit more heat. My hair is usually straight with some little bit waves . If you have big waves you will have to heat the brush more.

The usage is super easy, because you really use it like a normal brush. You just crew out your hair with it and try to reach every part of your hair. I always had the best results when I brushed slowely through my hair and did that two or three times.
My hair doesn´t loose any of it´s volume and has a nice wave, that why I like the brush, but my hair is never as straight as when I use a flat iron for my hair. So if you want to have straighter hair with your natural volume a hair straightening brush might be great for you. But if you prefer super straight hair, maybe a flat iron would be the better choice.

Where to buy it & Price

In Amazon the brush costs about € 25,00, which is a really fair price in my opinion. Many similar brushes cost a lot more, so I think this brush is really a good option if you want to try this kind of hair styling. I am really happy with the results.

My personal opinion

I really like to use that brush, because my hair doesn´t loose it´s volume after usage. Sometimes I prefer a flat iron, but that depends on the result that I want to have. I am happy that I have this brush, because it´s so easy and fast to use and wouldn´t want to miss it in my hair styling. It can for sure be a  great option for everyone who doesn´t want to spend hours to have perfectly straightened hair.

Do you maybe have  or are you interested in a hair straightening brush ? Which things wouldn´t you want to miss for your hair styling?

Yours, Nina


  1. Das hört sich ja super an, werde ich mir mal merken!

    Liebe Grüße
    Jimena von

    1. Vielen lieben Dank für deinen Kommentar (:
      Die Bürste ist wirklich empfehlenswert!

      Liebe Grüße,


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