January playlist: emotional and thoughtful songs

Happy sunday! The new year already started some weeks ago. I hoped to start relaxed in the new year, but the past days and weeks have been really stressfull for me because I have maaaaaany exams at university that I want to pass. That also means - learning, learning and more learning. But between all these learning sessions I always need some minutes to relax and to calm down, because only then I can work on concentrated. In these breaks I love to listen to some music, but I just can´t calm down and sit back for some minutes to relax with loud party music.

I am a person who overthinks everything, so I love thoughtful songs which express someones feelings. That´s the reason why this january playlist includes so many emotional and thoughtful songs, some of them express good and some of them sad feelings. Also some songs  are new and some not, but I listen to all of them regularly and can´t get them out of my head. As I am always searching for some new and good songs I thought I should share my latest favourites with you, maybe some of you will like them. So here we go:

Ella Henderson- Yours

Katelyn Tarver- You don´t know

Jamie Lawson- Where my love goes

James Blunt- Don´t give me those eyes

Sam Smith- Too Good at Goodbyes

Calum Scott - You are the reason

Do you also like to listen to thoughtful songs? Which is your favourite song at the moment?

Yours, Nina


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