A day in my life

Most days of my week are completely different, because every day something else needs to be done for my blog, university,work or something else. But today I try to tell you how a normal day in my life looks like when I am at home. As I´ve already told you in an earlier blogpost I am doing a long distance study, which means that I am doing all my courses at home on my laptop and I also spend therefor a lot of time at home.

9:00 - On a normal day I get up at around 9:00 a.m., because I love to go to bed later and enjoy it to sleep a little longer. But that also means that I have to do more for the rest of the day, but that´s totally okay for me.

After getting out of bed I enjoy some breakfast to have enough energy for the day while having a look on my social media channels to be up-to-date. I try to vary what I eat for breakfast, so some days I have some porridge (my absolute favourite at the moment!), some cereals, some rolls with cheese and ham or with jam, and so on. I never hurry with breakfast because I need some time to really wake up.

10:00 - At about 10:00, sometimes earlier, I change my pyjama for some everyday clothes and have a look onto my to-do-list to see which things I have to do that day. More often than not I then begin to learn for university until it´s time for some lunch. Normally I have an extra learning plan, so that I can always learn the latest topics for my courses and be prepared for upcoming exams. I always try to do enough breaks, because I think that it´s not good to learn, learn, learn and then in the end you don´t know much because you haven´t given yourself enough breaks inbetween to persue the topics that you just went through.

12:30 - It´s lunch time for me. My lunch time always varies, depending on how hungry I am or what I have to do before.

13:30 - After a little lunch break I go back to my desk and turn on my laptop to check and answer my mails, to do some blog work (writing blogposts, taking pictures and edit them, write concepts for cooperations, and more), to read new blogposts from blogger colleagues, and everything which is on my agenda.

15:00 - Time for some learning again (if necessary), if not I try to spend as much time with my family and friends as possible. When I learn I often have to watch my courses online, which can take up to 2 hours for one course.

18:00 - Time for some Instagram to check the latest news in my feed, to like and comment pictures, to plan my own feed and watch Instastories. Additionally I sometimes watch some TV to check what happened that day in the world.

18:30 - Normally I have dinner around 18:30 or 19:00. When it´s possible I enjoy dinner with my family, so that we can talk about our days and plan if there are some errands to do for the next day, like food shopping or doctor appointments. I really love that time of the day when everyone is sitting together and enjoying a family dinner.

19:30 - Shower or bathing time. Whenever I have enough time I love to relax in the bathtub with some good music and a lot of foam. When I am more stressed I only take a shower.

20:15 - You might already know that I am a little bit series addicted, so I often watch some series on Netflix in the evening to relax. I always find some new ones that I like and that I just can´t stop watching. I always prefer series with a lot of drama but also with happy endings. Are you maybe interested in a blogpost about my favourite series?

23:00/23:30 - When I don´t have to get up really early the next day I go to bed at that time. I always read some pages in a nice book before I go to bed because I sometimes have some sleeping problems and that helps me to calm down, but I also just like to read a good book where the story captures somebodys imagination.

How does a normal day in your life look like?

Yours, Nina


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