Life update #4 - exam time and spring cravings

The last few weeks it was really silent here on my blog, so I thought that it would be time for a life update. Today I want to tell you why I haven´t found the time to work as much for my blog as I wanted, how I´ve spent my time and what I will be up to in the next weeks.


The main reason why I haven´t posted that much here or on my blog is because I set myself the goal to learn for many different exams at the same time. So in conclusion all I´ve done in the last weeks was to learn, learn and learn. I had nearly no time for private things, like meeting friends, going out, or just having a relaxed weekend without learning. Some days before my exams I wasn´t sure if all the learning was worth it, because I had not really enough time to learn for each subject that I wanted to write an exam in.

I am the kind of person which prefers to learn for one subject and after I finished that one, I start with the next one. Learning different subjects at the same time is something that I really don´t like, because I want to focus and concentrate on one thing, so that I have good chances to get a positive grade. Also I always set my goals high (maybe a little bit out of my reach sometimes) and want to reach my goals, so I try to give my best.

Therefore the last time was really exhausting for me and I was so looking forward to the end of this exam time. Now as it´s finally over I know that the learning was definitly worth it, because I got good grades and passed all my exams. I couldn´t be happier about that fact, because before I changed my university it was sometimes really troublesome.
I can now start motivated and positive into the new semester which started some days ago, where I will hopefully be able to reach my newly set goals too.

Spring cravings

The last time it was sooo extremely cold in Austria. Normally I really love snow and don´t have a problem with winter or cold temperatures (although I am always freezing super fast), but after that long time of extreme coldness, I definitly need some sun and warmer temperatures soon. I can´t wait to sit in the sun with friends and enjoy some drinks, to go for long walks again without having to wear about 5 lays of clothes, to wear short trousers and summer dresses again, to feel the warmth of the sun of my skin, to travel a lot, and much more.
I already planned a lot of things that I want to do in spring and summer, because in winter I am normally not really motivated to go outside a lot, but as soon as the sun is showing her face again I want to go out, enjoy my time and make new experiences.

I hope that I will be able to travel as much as possible this spring/summer. Orginally I wanted to plan my travels for this year already at the beginning of 2018, but as my focus was on my university and exams I have decided to plan my travels afterwards. So now I have already decided to which destinations I want to travel, but we´ll see when I will travel to which place. Especially I can´t wait to be at the beach again, because I just love to be at the sea.

Throwback to my trip to Rügen (Germany) last year

So this is how my last weeks looked liked and what I am totally looking forward to. Hope you enjoyed my new life update and can comprehend why it was so silent here. I will definitly work more for my blog now, so stay tuned for new blogposts (:

How do you deal with stressful times? Are you also looking forward to spring? What are your travel plans for this year?

Yours, Nina


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