5 things I want to do this spring and summer

I really can´t tell you how happy I am that spring has finally started, that the sun is showing her face regularly, that you can finally sit outside in the sun and have a barbecue, and so much more. As I had sooo much stress since the year started and it seems like that will not end soon, I thought about which things I want to do this spring and summer, because I think that life is too short to not do what you want. No matter how much stress I have  these are things that I really want to do and that I will for sure find time somehow. So here are 5 things that I want to do this spring and summer:

1. Spending a lot of time in nature:

I have already spent a lot of time outside in winter too, but especially in spring and summer I enjoy it so much to be outside. The last years I was also in nature a lot, but mostly when I met a friend to eat an ice-cream or when I had some barbecue with my family, but I wasn´t that much in nature to just enjoy my surroundings and the sun. So this spring and summer I want to spend more conscious time in nature and appreciate the area that I am living at. Also I want to spend a lot of time when possible at the pool in the garden to slow down.

can´t get enough of pretty flowers

2. Travelling to Rome:

Travelling to Rome is something that I already wanted to do last year, but I just haven´t found the time for it, so I originally planned to travel there early this year, but due to university it wasn´t possible. So I decided that this spring or summer I DEFINITLY want to travel there. I have seen so many pictures from Rome and read a lot of travel blogposts and articles about it and think that I will love it from second one. This city offers so many great sights, like the collosseum, the Saint Peter´s Dome, the Trevi Fountain and a lot more. And definitly one big benefit of this city is the great italian food -  I mean, who doesn´t love italian food?!

3. Reading more books:

Reading a book can sometimes be like a little escape from reality -  but that´s only one of the reasons why I like to read. I am someone who prefers "happy stories", like romances, because I like to read before going to bed and then I don´t want to read about murder, criminal activies or something similar. In my teen year I haven´t read much, although I loved it when I was a child. Luckily my love for reading came back in the last years, so I want to read more books from my reading list this spring and summer. Reading is also a great thing for slowing down after a stressful day for me.

some of my favourite spring essentials 

4. Buying a new bikini:

A new bikini which suits me perfectly is something that I am already looking for a longer time, but until now I haven´t found something that I absolutely liked and that I would have been happy with. This summer I want to go on beach vacation, which I haven´t done for a while now, because the last years I focused on the northern countries, that´s also the reason why I want to finally buy one this year. Can only hope to find one that suits me perfectly. But I think that finding the right bikini is a hard thing for most women, because most women that I know are not completely happy with their bodies, even if they look great (read more about my opinion in my blogpost ).

5. Posting more often on my blog:

I know that lately I haven´t posted that much on my blog, which makes me sad, because I really love to blog. As already mentioned I had so much stress with university that I haven´t found enough time for blogging, even though I wanted to work more for my blog. I hope and will also work on it, that I will find more time for blogging and to share more often my thoughts and experiences with you.

Are there some things that you want to do this spring or summer?

Yours, Nina

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