How to book the perfect trip

As spring is now finally here and summer is not that far away any more I thought I should share my favourite booking adives with you and tell you how I plan my trips. For me it´s always most important to have a great price-performance and to not travel at the most expensive dates. Even in the summer holidays (so when it´s high season) there are partly big price differences for the flights, but sometimes also for hotel stays. I am someone who loves to plan every little detail of atrip, before I am travelling there and want to know as much about my destination as possible, to be perfectly prepared and to get the best prices for tickets and so on. So there are some things that I am always taking care of and things that I am searching for to find the perfect trip for me.

Throwback to my trip to Barcelona in 2017

1. Finding the right kind of vacation

At first I think about what I want to do at that destination that I am travelling to, so if I want to discover a new city- then I will plan a citytrip, or if I want to have a classical summer holiday at a great destination at the beach, where I can swim in the sea, or if I want to do a roundtrip in a country to discover more of it´s beauty or so on. These are all things that I am thinking of at the beginning. As soon as I know what kind of trip I want to book the real destination search can start.

2. The destination

Now I decide where I want to travel to. There are just so many options, because our world offers so many pretty places. When I for example want to have a beach vacation I first have to think about how far and how I want to travel to my destination. I am the kind of person which doesn´t like to be in the plane for a long time, so I prefer short flights - that always affects my search. Sometimes I also enjoy to travel somewhere by car if it´s possible, because I like it when I don´t have to think about how much luggage I can take into the plane with me and to just put everything in my suitcase and to pack it in the car. As soon as I have chosen my way of transportation I am searching on Google Maps for countries that I would like and then google pictures and informations about that place, to find out if that would be a good destination for me. In the end I have found some place that I like and want to discover.

3. The transportation

When I am travelling by car I like to do a little check up before a long car ride at a service station, to check if everythings alright and to avoid any problems with the car during my vacation. When I am flying to my holiday destination I am searching for flights. It depends on the kind of vacation that I decided to book when it comes to looking for flights on websites. Normally I am always booking my trips online -  when I am doing a beach vacation I am usually booking hotel, flight and transport at the destination together, so that I don´t have to think about anything later- when I am doing a citytrip I sometimes book my flights seperately and then the hotel. I am always watching for flights some days before booking something, because I want to know if the prices will get lower of higher. Websites that I like to use for searching are,,, but also the websites of the airlines.

Trip to Mallorca 2017

4. Hotel or appartment?

After booking the flights or deciding to take the car if possible, I am searching for accomodations to stay. Normally I prefer hotels for my stay, because having breakfast included is what makes a holiday
 special for me, because it´s something that I don´t have at home. There are several websites that I like to look for accomocations. For hotels I prefer to book at the direct hotel website or at (my absolute favourite website for booking hotels), for appartmens I prefer or I like these websites because you can use filters for the results to find the perfect place to stay for you. On there are also sometimes special prices for members -  you can sign up for free there- which I have already profitted from very often. There you can also mostly cancel your booking until some days before your holiday, which makes your bookings much more flexibel. Sometimes when I want to book flights and hotel in one I also like I also sometimes use or simular pages.

5. Extras + last preparations:

Questions that I ask myself every time are: Do I need or want to rent a car? Do I want to do any exhibitions at that destinations? Do I have to pre-book any tickets? Do I need tickets for the public transport and if yes, where can I buy these?
If I have to pre-book something I always try to do that early enough to have all important tickets with me, when travelling.

So this is how my booking process goes on and I hope that it might help some of you to find the right strategy for booking your perfect trip.

How do you plan your trips? Which travel websites do you prefer?

Yours, Nina

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