Kittenbergers Erlebnisgärten - a great day trip

When the weather is nice and the weekend is coming I am often thinking about where I can travel (short distance from Vienna) to explore something new, to use my time thoughtfully and to be in nature.

Last weekend the right choice for me was Kittenbergers Erlebnisgärten.

I already visited this garden exhibition at christmas time last year and absolutely liked it, so I decided that I want to see it again in spring when the flowers are blooming because I thought that this for sure will look amazing.

Where is it:

Kittenbergers Erlebnisgärten is at Schiltern, close to Langenlois at Lower Austria.

How long does it take to get there:

From Vienna it takes about an hour to get there. I think that this it the perfect distance for a day trip when you want to explore something new without having to drive very far.

What can you see there:

Kittenbergers Erlebnisgärten is a garden exhibition including 50.000 m2 of garden inspo, theme gardens, garden and pool design and also some animals like horses and rabbits.  It is a really huge area as already mentioned and when you want to see every part of it, it definitly takes half of a day. But don´t get me wrong, this isn´t only a great day trip for everyone who is planning a garden, it is also amazing when you like to see many flowers, to be in nature, and also when you are travelling with kids, because there are a lot of amenities for kids, like a playground, a bouncy castle and many animals.

There are giant flower fields, where you can find sun beds inbetween so that you can take a rest and enjoy the sun during your walk through the exhibition. You get to see different kinds of pools and ponds, perfect for everyone who is planning to have something like this in their garden.

Also you can find different restaurants there : At the entry there is a big restaurant, the Garden restaurant, which is perfect for having lunch, and inside the exhibition there are several cafés where you can have some coffee, little snacks and cake. So everyone can decide what or if they want to enjoy some drink or food and will for sure find something that she or he likes.

I really liked that place at christmas time last year, but I think that I loved it more last weekend because of themany flowers, the amazing atmosphere, the great possibilities to sit outside and enjoy the weather and also because it is a place where the whole family can enjoy a great time.

Do you also like to do day trips? Do you also have some recommodations for day trips not far from Vienna?

Yours, Nina

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