Book review: "The Rosie Project" by Graeme Simsion

Reading is part of my daily evening routine, to slow down. But also when I travel I prefer to take books with me. Books are just a great way to escpape the reality for some time, to live in a different world and to widen your horizon.

Most of the time I read the german versions of the books, but sometimes I do really enjoy to read the original/english version, because it helps me to improve my english skills, maybe learning new words, to keep in touch with the english language and more. I am always searching for great books in genres that I like. Romances and funny books are my favourites, because when I read I want to read about a good story with a happy end. Sometimes I also like to read biographies. Life is so stressful sometimes that I don´t want to read thrillers or something similar because then I can´t relax that much while reading.

This time I chose the book "The Rosie Project" and took it with me for my summer vacation. I enjoyed it a lot that I was able to read at the beach, while the sun was shining and the lake was right in front of me. That made my vacation way more relaxing.

Some people already recommended the book to me some time ago, that´s the reason why I decided to read it.

The book is written by Graeme Simsion, who is an australian author. It was released 2013 in australia and published in about 40 countries. I read it in english and it was easy to understand.

What the story is about

The story is about Professor Don Tillman, who has a lack of social skills and who needs an exact timetable for his daily activities to feel comfortable. Don is an australian genetics professor who has two good friends, his colleague Gene and his wife Claudia, who he spends a lot of time with. As he has problems with dating and hasn´t found the perfect wife yet, he decides to create a questionnaire to find the perfect wife. He calls this project "The wife project". But also with the questionnare it´s harder to find the right one than he thought.
His colleague Gene introduces him to Rosie, who is a bartender and definitly unsuitable for Don. But after some funny circumstances and happenings Don and Rosie are becoming friends. Don decides to help Rosie to find her father, which she doesn´t know at all. All she knows is that the man who raised her, can´t be her father, because of his eye colour. So Rosie and Don are searching for all possible dad-candidates (which are a lot, because it can only be someone from the graduation class of her mum) and try to get samples of their DNS, which Don can analyze as he is a genetics professor. Rosie and Don are experiencing many adventures and funny situations together and also travel to New York together and bit by bit both of them evolve romantic feelings for each other.

I don´t want to tell you more about it, so if you want to know more about the story - go and read the book (:

My conclusion

What a nice book! My friends, who recommended that book to me, haven´t promised too much. It´s a really nice story with very pleasent characters. I actually couldn´t stop reading because I always wanted to know what´s going to happen next and if Don and Rosie are becoming a couple or not, because these too are just not compatible. It´s not the classic romances book, but fast to read and includes a story which is definitly worth a read, so I can recommend it to everyone who likes to read funny books.

Do you also like to read? Which genres do you prefer?

Yours, Nina


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