5 steps for a natural cosmetics everyday make-up

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As most of you might already know - I try to use natural cosmetics only. I already told you more about the reasons in an older blogpost which you can find HERE.

I think it´s not that easy to find good natural make-up products which are not super expensive. For me it´s important to have a good price performance and long-lasting make-up products with a great quality. Because of that, I was looking for the right products for me for a longer time and now I have finally found the ones that fit for me.

There are some cheap, but good brands that I like when it comes to natural cosmetics. In my everyday life I try to keep my make-up as simply and natural as possible, so I only need 5 little steps to get ready with my make-up. Today I want to show you a mix of different make-up products and brands that I use for my everyday make-up.

Preparations before starting with the make-up:

First of all I like to use a Serum from Cattier Paris. It should be applied underneath your day cream before you apply your make-up. The serum gives your skin a lot of moisture and prepares your skin for the make-up. Afterwars I apply a day cream - I sometimes change my day cream because there are many good ones out there, for example from Cattier Paris, Alverde, and many more....

1. step: BB cream

For my daily make-up I don´t want to use foundation, as I think that my skin isn´t that happy about using foundation very often. So my daily go-to product is the "BB cream" from Alverde Natural Cosmetics (colour: light). It has a very light texture, gives my skin moisture and makes it look more even. The finish is super natural and perfect for an everyday make-up in my opinion. I haven´t tried many other natural cosmetics BB creams yet, but at the moment the one from Alverde is definitly my favourite.

2. step: Concealer

When I don´t have any blemishes or something similar I only use a concealer from Terra Naturi to cover the bags under my eyes. I was super happy that I found this one, because it has the perfect colour (Nr. 01, light natural) for me. Sometimes it´s not that easy for me to find the right colour as most natural cosmetic brands don´t offer too many colours, but this one is really perfect.

Luckily my skin isn´t that bad most of the time, but when I have blemishes that I want to cover, I use the "Perfect Cover Foundation & Concealer" from Alverde (colour: 20 Almond). It has a really good coverage and is therefore perfect for spots and blemishes. I also use it as a foundation when I want to wear more make-up, for example for evening make-ups.

3. step: Powder & Blush

It took a while until I found products that I like because I tried some different powder products but wasn´t happy with the results.
When I worked with Benecos Natural Cosmetics I got a powder (colour: Porcelain) from them as a PR sample and the colour fits perfectly for my skin tone. It´s called "Natural Compact Powder", is mattifying and lasts the whole day which is super important to me for my everyday make-up.

Blush is also part of my everyday make-up because I think that it makes me look a little bit fresher and nicer. My favourites are the natural trio blush (colour: fall in love) and the natural powder blush (colour: Mallow Rose) from Benecos.

4. step: Mascara

Maybe it was the hardest thing to find when I decided to change to natural cosmetics because most mascaras don´t last long enough or I didn´t like the brush. I am currently using the "nothing but volume" mascara from Alverde and actually like it a lot, but I also want to try more natural cosmetics mascaras in the future. At the moment I am happy with the one from Alverde, because it makes my eyelashes look longer but without sticking the single eyelashes together.

5. step: Lipstick/lipbalm

In my daily life I only use a tinted lipbalm, preferable in a natural rose tone which looks similar like my own lip colour. I always carry a tinted lipbalm with me - at the moment it´s the "Natural Shiny Lip Colour" from Benecos (colour: Pretty daisy), because the colour is so beautiful and a little bit shiny but still looks natural and fresh.

So these are my 5 easy and fast steps for a natural cosmetics everyday make-up. It only takes me about 5 minutes to get ready like that and I love that I look fresher with it without looking like I needed the whole morning to get my make-up done. It´s an easy and super natural make-up look that I am super happy with at the moment.

How long does it take for you to get your make-up ready in the morning? Do you wear make-up every day?

Yours, Nina


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