Life update #6 - summer travels, new university semester and christmas time

It´s already been a while since I gave you a little life update, so I thought that it´s time to tell you a little bit more about the happenings in summer, especially my travels and also about the upcoming weeks.

Summer 2018

My summer was really nice. I travelled a lot this year and have been to London, my favourite city again. All of my travels were so great and I wish I could have stayed way longer at each of these places. So here´s a short list of the places I visited:

June - Mallorca (Alcudia) - find my travel blogpost HERE
July - London- find my travel diary HERE
August - London (once again)
August - Carinthia (Austria)
September - Upper Austria (Gmünd)

I like the mix of my travels, because I had vacations at the beach, 2 city trips and a trip where I experienced another part of austria.

I enjoyed my vacation at the beach on Mallorca a lot, although the weather wasn´t as good as it normally is at Mallorca. We had a relaxing week in a club hotel, where we ate amazing food, had a beautiful pool area, which was perfect for calming down and reading a book, and also super nice hotel staff which made our vacation great.

I travelled to London twice because I visited a family member there. As it´s been a while since I´ve been to London the last time, I was so happy about the fact that I was able to travel there twice. And to be honest - I really didn´t want to leave both times,because I am always so happy in London.

In Carinthia I was at a nice lake, where I have already been very often, so it always feels like coming home when I travel there. It was a perfect vacation with a lot of relaxation.

Upper Austria is a very interesting part of Austria as it offers so many different aspects, like woods, rivers, mountains and more. My trip to Gmünd was the perfect end of this summer.


In october I had an important exam where I got a positive grade, that made me super happy. Also all of the other courses started in october, so it was really stressfull and still is. I want to do as many exams as possible this semester, which also means - learning, learning, learning.... But that´s okay, because I try to find a balance between learning and free time, which works well at the moment.

Autumn also means -press days time. I like to visit press days, to see the new products for spring and summer, to meet new people and to stay up-to-date. Last week I already visited one press day which was super nice, so I am looking forward to the austrian pressdays which will be soon.

Christmas time

Right now I am super excited for christmas time. I already started listening to christmas songs, because I looooove this time of the year and I can´t get enough of all the lights, the happiness, the songs, the cookies, the christmas markets and so on. Luckily it won´t be that stressful at university in December so I can enjoy christmas time a lot and visit many christmas markets.

Are you already excited for christmas? Which are your favourite christmas markets? (all over the world)

Yours, Nina


  1. Liebe Nina
    Nun hat es doch endlich geklappt mit lesen (können) dieses deines neuesten Beitrags, der mir sehr gefällt! ��
    Ich freu mich auch schon sehr auf Christmas / (sprich:) Weihnachten ��! Wir werden Gott sei dank alle zuhause sein u allein diese Zeit will ich nicht missen auch wenn die Vorbereitungen immer umfangreicher werden und ich immer sage: ich tu mir das jetzt aber nicht mehr an ... tu ich das dann trd Jahr für Jahr und das sogar gerne und die „Kinder“ müssen einfach helfen !!!
    Alles liebe

  2. Vielen Dank für dein Kommentar liebe Ulli!

    Ja das kenne ich, die Vorbereitungen sind oft sehr umfangreich, dafür ist das ganze im Endeffekt aber umso schöner (: Wünsche dir jetzt schon einen tollen Advent !

    Liebe Grüße, Nina


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