How to book your perfect trip to Budapest

I already wanted to visit Budapest for a longer time, and now I was finally there! I´ve stayed in Budapest in the middle of december for 2 nights and really enjoyed my stay. So I thought that I want to tell you more about my travel planning process- how we got there, which tickets we booked, how we got around, where we stayed and more.

How to get there

Budapest is super easy to reach from Vienna, but also from most other cities in the world, because Budapest has the Budapest Liszt Ferenc airport.

By car it takes about 2 1/2 hours from Vienna to get to Budapest. Many hotels offer private parking spaces so it shouldn´t be a problem to park in the city when you decide to travel there by car.

You can also take the train from Vienna to Budapest, which takes up to 2 1/2 or 3 hours. The train is a very good option to get there comfortably, but isn´t super cheap.

We decided to travel there by bus. There are several bus operators who offer different busses at different times to get to Budapest from Vienna for a very low rate (for example: Flixbus. RegioJet,...). We booked tickets for a RegioJet Bus from Vienna to Budapest for 8,90 € per person one way, which is super cheap. There´s also a hot drink included for free during your journey. Both ways the bus was a little bit late, but the journey passed by quickly and comfortable.
The RegioJet bus arrives at Budapest Kelenföld and we took the Tram Nr. 49 to Deak Ferenc ter, which takes about 20 minutes. Our hotel was located close to Deak Ferenc ter so this was absolutely perfect for us.

How to get around in Budapest + Tickets

In Budapest you have many possibilities to get around. There are several busses, trams and underground lines that you can choose. For sure you can also decide to do a Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour which will easily bring you to all of the important sights or you can take a taxi.
We decided to get around by public transport, which was easy and cheap. A single ticket is about 350 HUF (=Forint; about € 1,10) and a day ticket costs 1.650,00 HUF ( around € 5,50). We bought two day tickets and therefore payed around € 11,00 in total for public transport, which is totally okay. With a day ticket you are very flexible when it comes to transport because you don´t always have to think about buying a new single ticket and can just move around.

Hint: Don´t forget to buy a ticket when you use public transport! At nearly every station of the undergound lines are inspectors waiting to check your tickets and their validity.

Where to stay

Budapest offers so many good hotels!

First of all you should decide which things are important to you when you book a hotel. For us it was important to have at least a 4 stars hotel, located in the center, so that we can explore a lot without always having to use public transport, with breakfast included, which has great reviews online and where we can store our luggage before we leave again.

You should also check if you want to stay at Buda or Pest, because these are the two parts of Budapest city - one located on the left side of the danube and the other one on the right side of the danube.
It took us some time to find the right hotel because there is such a wide range of different hotels to decide from. We booked at, which is one of my favourite hotel booking websites (read more about my favourite hotel booking websites and travel planning in my "How to book the perfect trip" blogpost.)
In the end we booked the Eurostars Danube Hotel - it´s a 4 stars hotel located directly at Deak Ferenc ter (which is a central place located in the inner city of Pest). We payed around 90 € per person for 2 nights with breakfast, which is not that cheap for Budapest, but it was totally worth it.
A more detailed review about the hotel will follow !
But you can also find hotels and accomodations in Budapest in every price range - very cheap to very expensive. So everyone can definitly find a place to stay which fits her or his budget.

Have you ever been to Budapest? Do you have any questions left about my travel planning for Budapest?

Yours, Nina


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