Skincare secrets and tipps for your vacation

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Beauty and skin care isn´t always easy to handle when you´re on vacation - it definitly wasn´t for me.

All travel size products from Cattier Paris

Whenever I am on a weekendtrip, a citytrip or just a short vacation, I try to travel with as little baggage as possible. This has already made me face some challenges when I was packing my suitcase, especially when it comes to skincare. During the last years it more and more evolved in the flight industry, that only hand luggage, which means a handbag or backpack and a small suitcase are allowed in the cabin, without having to pay an extra fee. Lately I have also seen that these regulations have changed again and that you have to pay extra for taking a small suitcase with you in the cabin at some airlines. Fact is, that it´s way cheaper to pay extra for a small suitcase than taking a normal suitcase with you that you have to check-in and can´t take on board with you. For me it´s also way better to travel only with handluggage, because therefore I have all my stuff with me and don´t have to wait for my baggage after landing.

But the big problem with handluggage is, that only liquids with a maximum of 100 ml are allowed in the bags.

Even when I travel with normal luggage, that I check in for my flight, I am always facing space problems in my suitcase, so I also try to reduce skincare products and to choose small beauty articles, because skincare products mostly take away too much space in my beautycase.

So I was looking for products with a good quality, which are natural skincare, with a great price value and in a small size, so that I can take them with me also when I am only travelling with handluggage. It´s also super practical to have some of the products in my everyday handbag.

As you might know, I have already worked together with Cattier Paris several times and LOVED their products. Once I again I found the right skincare products for my travels there. Today I want to show you my favourite travel-size skincare products from Cattier Paris that I wouldn´t want to miss during my travels. All of them are tiny enough to take them with you in your hand luggage.

  • Cattier Paris Heilerde Peeling Sachet (Healing Earth Peeling)

This peeling can be used for all skin types and contains 12.5 ml, so it´s perfect for using it 1 or 2 times. It contains white healing earth and aloe vera, which cleans the skin perfectly and gives you a super smooth skin feeling. It removes all dead skin cells and is because of it´s size great for travels. You just apply it on your skin, without using water and massage it into your skin. Just remove the peeling with warm water afterwards.

Cattier Paris healing earth peeling (left) and pink healing earth face mask (right)

  • Cattier Paris Heilerde Maske Rosa Heilerde (Healing Earth face mask pink healing earth)

This face mask is made for everyone with sensitive skin, because it calms the skin and gives your skin a bright teint. It´s ingredients are pink clay and aloe vera. Just like the peeling before, it contains of 12,5 ml face mask. The application is super easy, you just apply the mask and take care that it doesn´t dry on your skin and then rinse it off with warm water afterwards. Perfect to combine is a moisturizer after usage.

  • Cattier Paris Zahncreme mit Heilerde (Toothpaste with clay, Lemon taste)

The Lemon taste toothpaste tastes soo good. I really haven´t had many toothpastes before which tasted that good! Inside are 15 ml, so with that toothpaste you will for sure be perfectly prepared for your dental hygiene during your trip.

  • Cattier Paris Hand Creams

- Hand Cream for dry hands

White clay and Vegetable oils are the main ingredients of this hand cream, so it is perfect for nourishing dry hands. With it´s small travel size of 30 ml it fits well in every bag, no matter how tiny it is. I personally also like the smell a lot. As I always have dry hands, this is a real must-have for me during my vacation, but also in everyday life.

- Hand Cream ultra-nourishing

The main ingedrients of the hand cream are white clay and masterwort flower. As it is ultra nourishing it takes some time for the skin to soak in the cream, but afterwards the hands feel so smooth and good. It also has a size of 30 ml and has a good smell.

  • Cattier Paris Sheabutter

Sheabutter can be used for face, body and hair, is 100% bio and doesn´t contain parfume. The small travel size includes 20g of the Sheabutter and it supplies the skin with nutrients, calms the skin and stimulates the cellular repair and renewal. I love to use it when I have very dry skin, because no other product that I tried before gave my skin that much moisture.

  • Cattier Paris Reinigungsfluid (Cleansing micellar water)

This cleansing micellar water gently removes make-up from the face, eyes and lips. With it´s size of 50 ml, you will have enough for a few days or even a week, depending on how much of the product you use. It also removes my mascara perfectly, so I don´t have to take an eye make-up remover with me on my travels too (I use natural cosmetics mascara, which isn´t waterproof!). This product doesn´t contain alcohol or parfume, but contains rose water and aloe vera. You just apply the Cleansing micellar water with a cotton pad onto your skin and you will have perfectly clean skin.

  • Cattier Paris Lippenpflege (Lip Care)

The lip care from Cattier repairs and nourishes your lips. I already used this lip care for some time and it absolutely helped my dry lips. Especially when it´s cold outside, like on my trip to Budapest or also during flights, I get very dry lips and this lip balm helps me to repair my lips. A lip balm is also always a must-have in my handbag for me and I never leave the house without this one. 

  • Cattier Paris Deodorant 24H

A life-saver in summer is this deodorant with Aloe Vera and Sauge. Super important for me is that a deodorant is effective and doesn´t contain aluminium salts or alcohol - all of my requirements are fulfilled in this deo. And a big plus is the fresh smell! As it contains 50 ml of the product, it can be taken with you also in your hand luggage.

  • Cattier Paris Feuchtigkeitsspendende Tagescreme (Moisturizing day cream)

It´s was the first time that I´ve tried this face cream some days ago, as I just tried other ones from Cattier Paris before which I also liked a lot. This day cream includes pumpkin seed oil and coconut butter. It therefore nourishes and moisturizes the skin, makes it smooth and soft. I now use the cream every day and my skin likes it a lot. Especially on flights I get dry skin, but also when I am exploring a city or relaxing at a beach, I always want my skin to have enough moisture. The cream has a size of 50 ml, so it isn´t a problem to take it with you on your travels.

How do you try to manage your skincare during your travels? Which products do you always take with you?

Yours, Nina


  1. Solche kleinen Pflegemasken mit auf Reisen zu nehmen finde ich eine tolle Idee, bin ich noch gar nicht drauf gekommen! Wir machen auch viel Kurzreisen und sind fast immer mit Handgepäck unterwegs. Ich kann dir auch empfehlen einfach ein paar Beauty-Nahrungsergänzungmittel zu haben. Ich nehme im Handgepäck zum Beispiel immer Hyaluron-Kapseln von Vitaminexpress mit. Das erspart mir mein Hyaluron-Tonic, dass ich zu Hause immer in einer 250ml Flasche habe. Dazu fülle ich mir meine beiden Cremes einfach immer in meine kleinen Reisetübchen, die ich inzwischen habe. Damit komme ich immer sehr gut über die Runden. Eine Reise-Maske zu haben wird ab jetzt natürlich auch noch ein Mega-Luxus. :)

    Ganz viele Grüße

    1. Hallo,
      auf die Idee mit den Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln bin ich noch gar nicht gekommen (: werde ich mir mal überlegen ob das für mich eine gute Option wäre. Und das Umfüllen in Reisetuben mache ich auch manchmal, finde es aber einfach praktischer wenn ich nichts umfüllen muss und trotzdem meine Lieblingsprodukte immer mit dabei habe :D
      Liebe Grüße,


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