Where to eat in Copenhagen

Everybody who has already been in Scandinavia knows that food is very expensive there....
When you decide to have dinner in a normal restaurant you usually pay around € 25,00 for a normal Pizza Margherita.....

So when I compare the prices to the restaurant prices in Austria it is very expensive. For sure, there are also more expensive restaurants in Vienna for example, but in a standard restaurant you would pay way less than you pay in Copenhagen for a similar meal.

The higher food prices are one thing that everyone should be aware off, when she or he books a stay in a nordic country, because most people have a specific holiday budget and food is mostly one of the biggest parts in this budget.

Some people might be okay with paying that higher prices when they are on vacation, but I always try to find a good mix, which means for me that I try to find restaurants with a good price-value, which are not too expensive, but have amazing food.

Before I travelled to Copenhagen I already searched for good restaurants in the internet, so that I wouldn´t have to run around and search for a place for dinner in Copenhagen which has good food prices, when I am already tired and hungry.

Fast (but healthy) food

Espresso House

This is a company that I have never heard of before. I found one of their stores at the Kongens Nytorv when I was hungry and spontaneously decided to go in. At Espresso House you can buy hot drinks, like coffee, tea and so on, but also cold drinks, like water, soft drinks and so on. But you can also buy food - cakes, sandwiches, salads, wraps and more - which is super yummy.

I bought a wrap and it was fresh and tasty, perfect for a short break. Important to mention is that the wrap costed around € 7 I think, so it was (in my opinion) very expensive for a wrap (although it was a big one), but it was a good price for a fast but still healthy meal for lunch in Copenhagen.

Also - what I liked about Espresso house is, that you can charge your phone in the stores (especially if you like to take pictures with your phone during your trip, this can be a lifesaver!).


I already knew 7eleven from my trip to Stockholm some years ago and was a big fan of these little stores, as I had a super delicious cupcake there.
When I saw one of their store in Copenhagen I immediately decided to walk in to see if I could buy this cupcake there - sadly they didn´t have the one I wanted, but that was okay.

7eleven is like a small supermarket, where you can buy drinks, dairy products, pastries, small meals and more. It´s the perfect place when you want a small meal to-go, like pastries, salads, .....

Especially in the inner city I have only barely seen supermarkets, but I have nearly everywhere found a 7eleven store. So when you travel to Copenhagen you should definitly think about this tipp. Whenever you are hungry or thirsty, make sure to check out where the next 7eleven is (one is always close to where you are) and you will find something to drink or eat for a good price, as 7eleven is only a little bit more expensive then the supermarkets in Copenhagen (so the prices are amazing!).



When I found the restaurant Samos in the Internet I wrote it on my list of restaurants to visit because of 2 reasons - the great prices and the greek dinner buffet.

Normally I love to have regional food when I travel, but as this is very expensive in scandinavia I decided to look for good restaurants, no matter if they offer regional food.

Samos is, as already mentioned, a greek restaurant, which offers a big greek buffet in the evening (from 16:00 - 22:00 o´clock) for only 89,00 DKK. The price is really amazing and let me tell you - the food was soooooo good! (For sure, you can also order something from the menu card)

Very nice atmosphere inside

The waitress was very kind and explained to us what they offer at the buffet, as there were no signs showing the different dishes and together with our drinks, it was a super cheap dinner and the restaurant has a nice atmosphere.

I would always visit this restaurant again and can really recommend it, if you want cheap, but good food.

Dalle Valle

Dalle Valle is another restaurant chain that I found during my restaurants research for Copenhagen before my trip.

It´s a restaurant chain with 3 restaurants in Copenhagen I think and what makes it special is the giant buffet that they offer, but you can also order something from the menu.

They offer a wide variaty of different dishes, which look super delicious, but as I haven´t eaten something from the buffet I can´t tell you a lot more about it. But what I know is, that the price for the buffet ( around 119 DKK) is very good and that I have never seen such a big buffet before.

We ordered something from the menu, as there was a "pay only half of the price" deal for the main courses when we visited. Both dishes that we ordered were very good and not expensive, due to the deal. It would also not have been that expensive if we would have had to pay the full price as Dalle Valle has a good price-value.

This was sooo yummie!

So no matter if you want to order from the menu or if you want to have buffet, you can have both options there for a good price. (Perfect for everyone who doesn´t want to pay much for a good meal!)

Big recommondation from me.

So these are my restaurant recommondations that I already tried and considered good. Maybe it can help some of you to find something good to eat for a good price when you are in Copenhagen.

Do you also have any restaurant advices for Copenhagen? Then let me know in the comments (:

Yours, Nina


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