How to get into christmas mood (during a pandemic)

 Lately I am thinking a lot about how christmas will be this year....

I haven ´ t posted for a longer time because of everything that is happening.

2020 is different to everything that we all have experienced before, because nobody was prepared for the situation that hit us in February/March in the whole world.

I could have never imaged the world to be like it is today, with most european states in a lockdown again, not being able to hug my friends or to even meet them, to think about every thing I do and being worried even when I go to the supermarket. What a strange world, isn ' t it?

Many people haven ' t seen their families for a long time, so many suffering from being alone most of the time. A lot of people are sick without feeling better for a long time or even have to be afraid of losing their lifes. Some people have even lost someone they love because of Covid.

All of these things make it hard to get into christmas mood, because (for me) everything feels so surreal this year. 

I LOVE christmas and it ' s always my favourite time of the year, but this year it will be for sure different, because most of us always have in mind that the corona crisis won ' t end soon. I can just hope that not too many people will have to be alone during christmas time, because for me it ' s the time of love, happiness and joy, so I hope that for most of us it will be possible to celebrate with our loved ones (of course in the smallest family/friends circle).

Because of the situation I thought about how to get into christmas mood (during a pandemic). Normally I love all the christmas lights in city centers and everywhere else, the christmas markets that are opening in the middle of November in Vienna, having chestnuts or roasted almonds and so on. But as we shouldn ' t go outside if it isn ' t really necessary, we have to try to make the best out of the current situation at home. So here are some of my advices for getting into christmas mood at home:

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  • Decorating your home:

As soon as the christmas decoration found a place in my home I am starting to be a lot more in christmas mood. I know that not all people like christmas decoration (especially in November already), but it doesn ' t have to be much to make it christmassy. I could be a fir wreath, christmas lights, christmas mugs, candy canes of something else. I think that all of us can find something christmassy that they like to make your home christmassy. A cozy home with some decoration makes me feel comfortable and starting to feel the christmas spirit. Christmas for me isn ' t just a time of the year, it ' s a whole mood and spirit, so why not change to a christmassy blanket for the sofa (maybe a red one of with some deers on it), buy a poinsettia plant, placing a little santa clause on your sideboard or something similar? It can also be something selfmade, that would give the decoration a personal touch. There are many christmas DIY to find online, so if you find some time, go and get creative.

  • Make a christmas party/meet-up online:

When we can ' t sit together in person to talk, we are still able to chat via the internet. Luckily we have the possibility to meet our friends and family via Skype, Whatsapp Video Call, Zoom, Google Teams or some other videochat platform. Whenever you want or feel lonely, just call your friends. It doesn ' t have to be a video chat, but video makes it more personal I would say, so just grab yourself a cup of tea, snuggle up in a warm blanket and call someone you love. You could just talk, trink coffee or tea together, watch some christmas movie together, listen to christmas songs or also handcraft something. Look up for some DIY online, make sure that all of you have everything at home that you will need and just start. It can be so nice to make some DIY together, maybe a little christmas decoration for your home, a small present, a christmas card or something similar. That way you can still enjoy the christmas mood together and make this years christmas time to something special. You could also make your own little christmas party together - you could bring a small present to your friends home and just leave it in front of the house and then open the presents during a video chat for example.

  • Christmas smells:

A big part of christmas is the smell, that makes you think about christmas right away. That could be the smell of tea, christmas cookies, cinnamon or a candle that smells of something christmassy. I also like the smell of incense a lot, so I like to have an incense burner or an aroma diffusor. Also the smell of a real christmas tree in the living room gives me all the christmas feelings. You could make yourself some mulled wine maybe, then your home will definitly smell like christmas or bake some christmas cookies.

  • Have some christmas cookies:

When you like baking, then grap yourself some baking equipment, fire up the oven and start baking christmas cookies. There are so many options to make, that everbody can find something they like. It could be some classic cookies that you can decorate or some shortbread, gingerbread or something else.
And when you don ' t like baking then you could just buy some cookies and enjoy them at home while listening some christmas songs. For me it is the first year where I can ' t eat "normal" christmas cookies, as I can ' t eat wheat at the moment because of health reasons, but that isn ' t really a problem as there are so many producers who make amazing, glutenfree christmas cookies. I already had some gluten free spiced cookies and they were very delicious. So everybody can find great christmas cookies, no matter if you ' re vegan, very picky or have an allergy or some intolerance, as there are a lot options available in the stores.

  • Christmas songs:

There are just SO MANY christmas songs that I love! Some of my absolute favourites are from Pentatonix, like " That ' s christmas to me" or " Little Drummer boy", but don´t let us forget about the classics like " Last christmas", " All I want for christmas", " Deck the Halls" and so on. What is your favourite christmas song? Tell me in the comments - Maybe I can find some new songs that I like!
I think nearly nobody can still be a Grinch when he/she hears a good christmas song?! And if your annoyed about the classic christmas songs, then go and find some newer ones that you like. Here you can find my "Christmas playlist 2018".

  • Christmas movies:

As a real christmas lover, I already started watching christmas movies in October (please don ' t judge me :D ). There are so many good christmas movies online on streaming platforms that it´s hard to decide which one you should watch first. I mostly watch Netflix or Amazon Prime (no cooperation) and have already seen such great new movies this autumn. I absolutely loved "Christmas under Wraps", "Christmas Land", "The Christmas Chronicles", "The Spirit of Christmas" and so many more. There are also always new movies coming, I for example am very looking forward to "The Christmas Chronicles 2". Would you be interested in a list with my favourite christmas movies? I have already shared a list about 3 years ago, but there are some new ones that I would like to let you know about.You can find my "The ULIMATE christmas movies list" post - HERE.

  • Send some christmas letters/ postcards:

As personal contact isn ' t that easy nowadays, why don ' t you just take some paper and a pen and start writing. It could be a christmas postcard, a christmas letter or also a christmas email, that you can send to your friends and family. These things are really personal and make the other person know that you think about them. Just think about the smile in the faces of the people you love, when they get a personal, surprise postcard to let them know that even when you are apart, you think of them.

What are your advices for getting into christmas mood? What do you do for a christmassy feeling?

Greetings from Nina

Stockholm in December 2019


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