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Hello, great to see you! 

Welcome to my blog. I am Nina, living in Austria (Burgenland. close to Vienna) and on my blog I share my travel experiences, my love for nature and natural products and everyday happenings with my readers.

This blog is named "Nina loves London" because since I have been to London for the first time I am a big fan of this beautiful city. After visiting London I experienced my love for traveling to different countries and to explore more of this world. I have now already traveled to many places in Europe, but I hope to see much more of our beautiful world as soon as possible. Whenever I travel to a place I try to take my readers with me to let them be part of my travel experience and to share my favourite places, things to do and much more.

I also share my thoughts and everyday happenings, because it's super important to me to share things that everyone can relate to, because I am a normal young person who tries to make as much out of her life as possible - just as most people.

"Do what you love" is my motto, because I think that life is way too short to waste time with things that you don´t like.

My blog journey started in March 2016 when I started to use Instagram regularly  and discovered that it's a great way to connect with people. As I always liked writing I decided to create this blog at the end of July 2016 for everyone who is interested in the same things as I am.

The main topics on this blog are my lifestyle, travel and personal experience .

Work with me:

I am welcoming cooperations with companies.

Please don´t hesitate to contact me via E-Mail: ninaloveslondon96@gmail.com

Nina loves London has already worked together with brands from across the globe---- get in touch to hear more.

More informations upon request.


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E-Mail: ninaloveslondon96@gmail.com